Digital die cutting machines can bring out the creativity in everyone. The internet is filled with ideas for any project you could imagine   and many you never have. You will find countless cards and scrapbook pages. Those are probably some of the most common things people use paper die cutters to make. You could probably invest the life of your die cut machine just in executing card and scrapbook page ideas and techniques and never even use all of the ones that already exist, let alone the ones you might invent. You will have a great time creating totally unique and memorable greeting cards and pages, but the best die cut machines are capable of so much more. We scoured the internet looking for project ideas to ensure you get all the bang you can get for your buck.

Album Covers

You may dedicate hours and hours to planning and carrying out designs for each page of your scrapbooks and then throw them into the plainest binder imaginable. It seems like a waste to forget about the cover after so much effort went into designing the pages inside. One of the joys of scrapbooking is sharing and showing off your hard work. You can share pages on social media sites, of course, but when the grandparents come over for dinner, you will probably want to show off your latest creation. It might be more fun if you make a cover that is worthy of displaying on a coffee table. 

Outdoor Applications

The best machines are able to help you create custom die cuts for various settings, even the great outdoors. Some machines can cut the type of sturdy vinyl that stands up to the elements. There are great ideas online for outdoor vinyl projects, including personalized lettering for front doors, vehicles and mailboxes. Many people also use their die cutting machines to make magnetized advertisements for their businesses that they then adhere to their vehicles.

Engrave Anything

The best craft cutting machines do much more than cut. Those other capabilities can make a real difference in many different projects that you might not immediately associate with die cutting. Engraving tools give you the opportunity to label and personalize different items. While you will not be able to engrave extra-thick metals, you can do many small projects. We like the idea of being able to engrave pet tags at home, which is one of the ideas we saw online. You could also personalize any number of other materials with engravings from your die cutter machine   even dense chocolate bars.

Personalize Anything

Adding a name to virtually any object makes it seem more special when gifting. It can also stop an argument between children   if every child has their own designated crayon box with their name on it, for instance, there are fewer reasons to wrestle. Whether you use your machine to make a pattern for glass etching or just to cut out some monograms in vinyl, you will be able to add initials or names to almost anything. We saw projects where crafters used their machines to add names to balloons, dinnerware, shampoo bottles, toys and much more.


There are really no boundaries when it comes to die cutting machine projects. If you have a machine that is strong enough to cut it, you can make it happen   whether "it" is a personalized chocolate bar or decorations for your valued vehicle.

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