Many lasagnas may come into your life but none will ever taste as good as your mom's. Or perhaps it s her peach cobbler that keeps you coming to her kitchen table. And don t forget your cousin's chicken enchilada recipe you can t live without. There is something about food that is inextricably linked to wonderful family memories.

Fortunately, My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software can help you organize all of your most delicious favorites into a keepsake recipe book that will be the perfect family gift this holiday season.

Step One: Organize
This digital scrapbooking software will do a lot of the hard work for you but it cannot search through the scribbled pencil marks on the backs of phone bills or through those old recipe card files. You will have to gather your recipes and digitize them, typing or scanning them in to the computer.

The same logic applies to photos. If you do not already have a digital copy of the photos you want to use in your cookbook, you will have to upload them from your camera or rifle through the old boxes or albums and scan them in. My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software can help you touch them up, including cropping and fixing red eye issues.


Step Two: Layout
Downloading My Memories Suite is a cinch. After that is done you will be given the option of creating your own design for your cookbook or choosing from among the existing templates created by professional designers. We highly recommend choosing one of the existing designs. They are very customizable and come in adorable styles. Use one of the designs that comes with the software and adapt it for a cookbook, or go online to for cookbook templates.

Next My Memories will give you the option of placing your photos for you or letting you drag and drop them one-by-one. We recommend dragging and dropping them yourself since you will likely want specific images to go with specific recipes.

Next, you ll name and save your project. Then your cookbook will come up on your screen. Under the Photos tab, click on Add and find the folder that has your cookbook photos. Double click on them or drag and drop them into the right spots. Do not worry too much if you happen to place a photo in the wrong spot. You can drag and drop them until they are in the right positions.

To add recipes, click on the Text tab and then Add T. A resizable text box will appear. You can copy and paste existing text or type your recipe right into that box. Here too there is no reason to stress. If your recipe box is not looking the way you want, you have lots of buttons in the Text tab that will help you rearrange it   select a different font or change the color of the words. You can also just delete any given text box and start over.

When you've added all of the photos and recipes you want, click on the Check Album tab. This is where you can preview your recipe book and run a spelling check. Then, voila, you are ready to share it!

Step Three: Share
Making a family cookbook does not mean you have to end up with an actual book. You certainly can, and most people probably will print off their final product on their home printer, but My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software allows you to share your book in many ways. Some members of the family might prefer to have the book in some digital format. You have that option with My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software. You can export your recipe book as an iPhone-ready movie or burn it onto DVDs. You can also have My Memories print your book professionally and bind it in hard cover, soft cover, leather bound or wire-bound book.

Making a family recipe book is so easy with My Memories Suite. Even if you have never used digital scrapbooking software before, you will be able to organize precious memories into a keepsake cookbook that your family will cherish for many years to come.

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