Searching for an electric mower that suits your needs can be daunting. If you like to collect grass for compost, you need to make sure the mower bags. If you need a mower that pushes itself, you will be certain the mower comes with a self-propel function. The more specific your needs, the more extensive your list of preferred features becomes.

With a little research, you should be able to locate the specifications and information necessary for you to choose the electric lawn mower most suitable for your unique preferences. But then what? Once you've purchased your dream mower, how do you make that lawnmower last its entire life expectancy and beyond?

Electric Mower Maintenance

It is vital to make sure your electric mower's starting system is completely disengaged before beginning any maintenance. For a corded mower, this means making sure the cord remains unplugged. For a cordless mower, make sure either that the battery is not in position or that the safety-key is removed.


Inspect the following parts and systems of your mower before each use. Be sure to perform the suggested maintenance to extend the life and functionality of your mower.

  • Blade: Inspect your mower's blade for any dullness or damage. Sharpen the blade if necessary.
  • Venting System: Clear your mower's vents and other areas prone to clogging. The most effective method is using compressed air to blast out any grass residue. This should be done after every use.
  • Mower Deck: Remove any grass buildup on the bottom of the mower. You will likely need to scrape it off using a sharp tool. An effective way to prevent this thick residue from latching onto the bottom of your mower is to spray the bottom with cooking oil before use.
  • Fasteners: Make sure all fasteners, nuts and bolts are tight. Do this often, but especially before you begin to mow.
  • Wheels: Lubricate your mower's wheels. This does not need to be done as often as other maintenance   only two or three times each mowing season.
  • Power System: Inspect your mower's power system. The inspection methods will vary depending on whether your electric mower is battery powered or tethered with an electric cord. The following sections detail the best ways to maintain both types of power systems.

Cordless Mowers: Maintaining the Battery

An electric lawn mower battery is not cheap. Maintaining the battery properly will increase the life of your mower and reduce the long-term cost of replacement batteries. 

  • Never fully discharge the battery. Completely discharging a lead-acid battery will reduce its storage capacity significantly.
  • Keep the battery consistently charged, but be aware of your battery's charging system type. Most battery charging systems feature a smart charger. The smart charger knows when your battery's charge has reached full capacity, and subsequently protects it from being overcharged. For the chargers that aren't smart, remove your battery once it has reached full charge to prevent damage.
  • Make sure the components of your battery's charging system are not damaged. Check the charger, its cord and battery frequently for any new wear or tear.
  • In the offseason, store your battery according to the instructions in your mower's user manual. Most batteries can remain off the charger in the winter, but may require maintenance every month or two. This maintenance often consists of simply charging the battery to full capacity, and then returning it to storage.

Corded Mowers: Maintaining the Cord

A corded mower's power cord is exposed to the elements the same as the body of the mower. It is vital that you keep an eye out for any potential dangers your cord can cause. Before each mowing, inspect your power cord to make sure it's still properly insulated and to confirm that the cord, connectors and casings are free from damage.

Realizing all of the benefits of your electric lawn mower is possible with proper care and maintenance. Be sure to adhere to the specific maintenance guidelines in your mower's user manual. This is the best way to achieve optimal mower performance and lifetime.

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