The best gifts are the one-of-a-kind, homemade variety and My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software makes it easy to usher in the new year with a calendar filled with your favorite family photos. This is the perfect gift for adoring grandparents! They will love a gift that provides a fresh batch of fun photos of their grandkids each month. This will be a coveted keepsake, so be sure to make one for each member of the family, including kids, to keep as mementos in the future.

Step One: Organize
Though you can drag and drop each photo you want in your calendar from a different folder on your computer, it might be worth the time to pick out your favorites   especially if they are coming from different sources   and store them in one easy-to-access folder. This will make the layout process even easier than it is normally.


Step Two: Layout
Downloading My Memories Suite is a very easy process. After you do that, the digital scrapbooking software will give you the option of creating your own design for your project or choosing from the existing templates created by professional designers. We highly recommend choosing one of the existing designs. They come in memorable styles and going this will route save you a ton of time. A variety of calendar templates are available online at Also, any of the existing templates in the software can be adapted easily to become calendars.

Next, My Memories Suite will give you the option of placing your photos for you or letting you drag and drop them one-by-one. We recommend letting the software place them in the case of a calendar, unless you want to match photos to seasons.

Next, you simply name and save your project. Then your calendar will come up on your screen, represented as an album. Under the Photos tab click on Add and find the folder that has your calendar project photos. Double click on them or drag and drop them into the right spots. Do not worry too much if you happen to place a photo in the wrong spot. You can drag and drop them until they are in the right spot.

When you've added all of the photos you want, you are ready to convert your album into a calendar.

Step Three: Convert to Calendar
After you save your layout, click on the Share Album tab on the right side of the page and click on the Calendars icon. This will open the Calendar Wizard. The Wizard will prompt you to choose the pages of your album you want in the calendar, help you review and modify your calendar and then upload those pages for printing. You will be prompted to choose between a one-page or a two-page design and you will choose the image quality. After settling all of your preferences, the digital scrapbooking software will export your album to the My Memories Suite site where you will be able to order a professionally-printed version of your calendar project.

With My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software, it is so fast and easy to make a personalized gift that gives all year.

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