Hard contact lenses are a thing of the past to a great deal of contact wearers, but many people still need to wear them and actually prefer them. Hard contact lenses are made of a very fine material called polymethylmethacrylate, or PMMA for short. It's a rigid polymer, unlike the material that contact lenses are made of. Hard contact lenses aren t usually as moist either because the water content is much lower than the material the soft contact lenses are made of.

The difference between soft and hard contact lenses is such that the cleaning process for both of them is different. Whether you wear soft or hard contact lenses, it is important you are familiar with the proper way to clean and wear the lenses. When you take care of your lenses the correct way, they will feel better and last you a long time.

Properly handling your contact lenses is very important. The first step, whenever you handle your contact lenses, is to wash your hands. Make sure you use an antibacterial soap that doesn t have a fragrance. By doing this you not only keep your contact lenses clean, but you ensure that you won t be putting any unnecessary germs or dust in your eye that can cause an infection or irritation.

Before the cleaning process can begin, it is vitally important to take the contact lens out of your eye. You don't want to have any unnecessary cleaning solution in your eye. This can cause a lot of irritation and can even damage the eye. Once you have properly removed the contact lenses from your eyes, you can begin the process of cleaning them.

First, apply a few drops of the lens cleaner on the lens. Typically two to three drops will be sufficient. If you aren t sure what type of contact lens cleaner to use, contact your eye doctor or research your specific contact lens online and you should be able to find what brand that is best to use.

Leave the lens cleaner on for about 30 seconds before you start rinsing. For this you will need lukewarm water and make sure the drain of your sink isn t open. You don t want to lose your contact lenses down the drain. Rinse the contact lenses with the lukewarm water for another 10-15 seconds. Keep in mind this entire process should be handled delicately.

Once you have completed these steps and you are confident your lenses are clean, put them back into the special lens case and continue by filling the case with the appropriate conditioning solution. This conditioning solution is formulated and created for hard contact lenses. Again, if you aren t sure what type of conditioning solution you need, check with your eye doctor. Once you have completed this step, move on to the other lens.

The maintenance of hard contact lenses is much different than for soft contact lenses. Contact your doctor if you aren t sure how to clean your lenses. We have researched 11 of the top online sites to purchase contact lenses and many of these sites also supply accessories like contact lens solutions. Check out our side-by-side comparison and find all the accessories and solutions you need to keep your eyes and contacts clean.

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