Event-Driven Scrapbook Pages

  • Scrapbook your favorite wedding memories
  • Scrapbook pictures and events from anniversaries
  • Baby s first anything tooth, step, you name it is always scrapbook worthy
  • Scrapbook your feelings and your child s feelings on the first day of school
  • Use newspaper clippings, photos and stories to scrapbook a family member s athletic events
  • Scrapbook swimming, boating and other summer outings
  • Family vacations have "scrapbook" written all over them
  • Camping and fishing trips make fun scrapbook pages
  • Sledding or snowmobiling pages can add a winter dimension to your scrapbook
  • Graduation is a scrapbooking given
  • Any holiday is prime scrapbook real estate
  • Grandparents with grandchildren are the perfect scrapbook combination

Personality-Driven Scrapbook Pages

  • Kids say the cutest things and are perfect for charming scrapbook pages that never go out of style
  • A parent s nickname for a child is not just a term of endearment, but a story waiting to be told on a scrapbook page
  • Whether creating a page for parents, siblings, friends, children or one s self, the Who Am I scrapbook concept is easy; list descriptive adjectives for personality then illustrate them
  • Most people forget what was important to them as children; hang onto this with a scrapbook page documenting favorite color, favorite food, best friend and favorite bedtime story
  • Sometimes the right picture gives you all the inspiration you need; when a photograph of a loved one grabs you, determine what it is about that person that the picture has captured and then design a scrapbook page around it

Heartwarming Scrapbook Pages

  • Write a letter to your child that lists your hopes for them; add a close up photo for a simple, tender scrapbook page
  • Create a scrapbook page about your favorite childhood memories
  • If you re an American, add personal patriotism to your Fourth of July pictures with a scrapbook page explaining why you re grateful for your freedoms
  • Tell how you met and fell in love with your spouse, including pictures and mementos
  • Scrapbook pages about loved ones who have passed away are poignant; including dates and places, personality traits and a favorite memory can help others learn about the relative

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