Good parents are cautious when it comes to their children's safety. However, even the best precautions can't prevent all accidents. One type of accident that is becoming more and more common these days is driveway accidents involving children, especially those younger than five years old. These tragic accidents are the second leading cause of death for young children at home. Unfortunately, most of these accidents end in death rather than injury.

The truth of the matter is that many of these accidents are, in part, caused by blind spots present in every automobile. Parents and other family members simply cannot see small children or pets if they dart into one of these blind spots unexpectedly. Toddlers are particularly susceptible to this because they're so small, and no rearview mirror can see them if they are directly behind a vehicle. Installing a rearview camera on your vehicle can drastically reduce the chances that such a tragic accident will happen in your own front yard.

Installing a rearview camera on your vehicle is a good start. However, there are some other common-sense steps to take before a child even has the chance to pass before the rearview camera. Chief among them is making sure that children are never left in the front yard unattended. This not only prevents children from inadvertently darting out in front of a vehicle backing out of the driveway, but it also prevents them from running out into the street after a stray ball or other distraction. The ideal place for children to play is a fenced-in back yard away from all automobiles.

Another danger children face is riding their bicycles on the sidewalk or in the street. Unfortunately, kids are not as attentive to traffic as adults. Even the most alert driver sometimes cannot react in time to avoid a child riding a bike on the road. Most cities and counties in the country provide parkways and bike trails for both children and adults to ride their bicycles safely away from dangerous traffic.

Even supervised children in the front yard or driveway face some hazards. There are some products out there to keep your child safe. Among them are child safety nets. These nets span the length of your driveway, keeping toddlers away from the path of vehicles pulling in or out of the driveway. You can even install these nets in front of the garage so drivers must manually remove them, thus reminding them to be on the lookout for children or pets.

Other products available for purchase are caution signs you can place near your sidewalk. For the most part, these caution signs resemble wet floor signs, except that they read, "Caution: Children at Play," instead of "Wet Floor." These signs are effective at drawing the attention of passing drivers, causing them to slow down and thus reducing the likelihood of an accident occurring on your curb.

Even taking all these precautions can't prevent all accidents. Other common-sense habits you can form easily include walking around your car before you even put your key in the ignition. Keep your driveway well lit so that you can see well, even when the sun goes down. Also, make sure your driveway is clear of toys and balls. Running over these obstacles can damage your car, and children have been known to rush to the aid of their favorite doll before your rear wheels squish it.

Keeping kids safe starts and ends at home. Taking a few simple steps such as installing rearview cameras on your vehicle and setting up safety nets for toddlers goes a long way to preventing a potentially heartbreaking incident where you live.

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