The Christmas season will soon be upon us, and we all have that one person that is difficult to find a gift for because he or she has everything. A brand new radar detector is a unique gift for that hard-to-shop-for loved one. And it's a gift they'll use on a daily basis. Top Ten Reviews has updated their list of the best radar detectors.

"A radar detector is a convenient tool for anyone," says Lecia Monsen, Managing Editor of Top Ten Reviews. "The best radar detectors will help you avoid speed traps and be mindful of your speeds, thus making you a better driver."

The Top 3:

1- Escort Passport 9500ix: This radar detector detects multiple radar bands, including X, K, Ka, and Ku. Aside from most common radar bands, the Passport 9500ixcan also identify laser guns, an increasingly popular tool used by law enforcement.

2- Beltronics GXG5: The Voice Alerts feature makes this one of the best detectors around. This feature helps you pay vocalizes the type of radar band the GXG5 is detecting, so you can keep your eyes on the road. This radar detector also has a database of fixed cameras.

3- Whistler XTR-695SE: At about half the price of the other top radar detectors, this laser radar detector includes a voice alert, Twin Alert Periscopes LED lights and color coordinated radar band alerts.

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What Makes a Top-Notch Radar Detector?

A radar detector will pick up many different radar bands, and X, K, Ka and Ku are the most common. Law enforcement primarily use the X band, and top-rated radar detectors will distinguish between the X band reading and others. The best radar detectors also make it easy to understand the readings their products give. The best radar detectors do well in these four main criteria.

Features: Look for radar detectors offer alerts and information in a manner that is simple for the driver to understand. Excellent radar detectors need to be able to detect lasers as well as track fixed-speed and red-light cameras as well.

Performance: All radar detectors are not created equal. Detection range is important, but not all units are able to pick up the strength of a signal as well as others. The best radar detectors perform better in detecting signals and filtering out false readings. 

Accessories: Extra peripherals, like a windshield mount or a travel case, do not necessarily increase the performance of the device, but they can be useful and make the radar detectors easier to use or transport.


Help & Support: The top-rated products include enough support from the manufacturers to assist and guide new users. Even for drivers who have used radar detectors for years will appreciate the ability to easily contact customer support via phone, email or online chat if anything goes wrong with the unit.

A radar detector makes drivers feel more at ease, knowing that they won't be caught in a speed trap. These devices can also serve to make anyone aware of their driving habits, creating better drivers in the process.

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