In this hectic world filled with wars and economic worries, we often don t take the time out of our days to immortalize the good things that are happening in our lives. No matter how bad your life might be, good things are bound to happen sooner or later, but we move on to the next disaster rather than living in the moment and letting the glory of what we re experiencing sink in. So many people say they re living in the moment and living for today because tomorrow isn t guaranteed. However, the likelihood of even a fraction of these people actually living this way is pretty slim.

One can t spend too much time living in the moment because we must make plans for the future and set goals for what we want to accomplish in the days to come. The saying about tomorrow not being guaranteed has some truth to it though. But, you can t relive today either. You will want to remember the great things that have happened in the years to come, especially during the darker hours. You can t go back and be in the moment again. When a great moment is gone, it s gone forever. Catch it and put it in a form that will stand the test of time.

You must always take as many pictures and film as much video as you can of the good times. Put this media into whatever form you need to create a snapshot of a great time in your life. Scrapbooking is one of the best ways to get this done. More people need to scrapbook. That statement sounds a little crazy considering how enormous the scrapbooking industry is in this day and age, but it s true. More people need to create detailed records of their lives to analyze during their lifetime and pass down to the generations to come.

If your creation is durable enough, it will serve as your legacy to your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren for years to come. If you want future generations to have a good idea of the things you accomplished during your life, this is the best way. Keep copies of all photos and video in case your scrapbook starts to crumble as all tangible scrapbooks eventually end up doing. A paper or cloth scrapbook is the best option because digital scrapbooks can become obsolete with the advancement of technology. Find the best way to make a scrapbook that won t crumble with the passing years.

Digital scrapbooking software can help you create greater scrapbooks than ever previously imagined. Find the right program for you and there will be no limitations on what you can create. It s better to have a program that gives you the flexibility to turn any ambitious idea into reality. A program that shackles you to what it wants you to create rather than what you want to create deserved to be passed over. Take your time in figuring out which program suits your needs. It s not a process that should be taken lightly.

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