Let's face it: Your feet are not your friends if you like to keep clean and beautiful floors in your house. Approximately 80 percent of the dirt, dust, wetness and other gunk that enters your home gets tracked there by shoes, according to information compiled by the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association.

Ditching shoes at the door can help immensely, but there also is dust, dirt, pollen and other materials in the atmosphere that are bound to settle on your floor eventually. If you own pets, it is a given that there will be cat or dog hair on the floors as well. If this debris is ground into the flooring, it can mar the finish, damage carpet and make your home look permanently unsightly, which could ultimately affect its value and even its resale potential.

That is why regular vacuuming is an important part of preserving the value of your home. Not only does it keep the place clean and comfortable, but clearing away grit and grime can protect hardwood tile, linoleum and carpeted floors from unnecessary wear and tear. Hauling out an upright or canister vacuum can give the place a thorough cleaning, but you can handle home upkeep a lot easier with regular use of a handy robot vacuum.

While a robot vacuum cleaner might seem like a novelty, the best robot vacuums can greatly supplement your own cleaning schedule, minimize the amount of work you will eventually need to do and keep those floors looking great. While a machine is cleaning your floors, you are free to read a book, take a nap, enjoy your kids or stream a great film.

You can program the best-quality robotic vacuum cleaners to clean at certain times so the work is done while you are at your job or are busy elsewhere. The top-line vacuum robots also have charging stations to juice up their batteries, unlike the lower-end models that you need to plug in, and the best ones return to their charging stations automatically once their batteries run low.

Don't get the wrong idea   you will need to make some effort even with a top-rated vacuum cleaner. You must empty the dustbin, clean or change filters and remove hair from the brushes that loosen debris from hard floors and carpets. If you track in plenty of dirt or you have pets, you might need to some of these tasks every day.

These devices, while extremely useful, are not infallible. Many simply stop operating temporarily if you have left something on the floor that the vacuum cannot move away from or if the dust bin is overly full.

However, for many consumers, these situations are easily prevented and are a small price to pay for not having to vacuum the floors with a regular cleaner so often. Many excellent robotic vacuum cleaners are reasonably priced and, with just a bit of effort, can pay off nicely. You get more leisure time and less housework. Meanwhile, your robotic vacuum, if it is properly used and maintained, will help guard your most costly asset: your home.

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