When a revelatory electronic device is released – think iPads, mobile phones, flat-screen TVs – are you the first in line or the last to get one? Every electronic device completes a product diffusion curve, a cycle of adoption. Consumers who jump right on the bandwagon are labeled “innovators” while those last to adopt the product are deemed “laggards.” This product diffusion curve is a very real thing, studied, researched and used in the marketing industry.

The robot vacuum is, in our opinion, just past the innovators stage, moving into the early adopters stage. If a product were to bite the dust, it would be during this stage. Do you remember the MiniDisc, Zip disk or HD DVD? Do you remember how long they were viable products? Not very long. Each of these products crashed and burned before they ever hit mainstream users, making early adopters and innovators regret their purchases. However, we think fizzling out of the market isn’t an option for robot vacuums and we’ve broken down the reasons why.

Why Robot Vacuums Are Here to Stay

Upright vacuums have been around for so long, it’s about time something new shattered the status quo. Innovators were surely entranced with the novelty of a robot vacuuming their house to drop such a hefty chunk of change on an untested product. The idea of waking up to an expertly cleaned floor probably did the trick, too. We think the novelty of a robot vacuum is so prevalent, that it, unlike other unsuccessful products, won’t wear off until everyone owns one – ensuring the robot vacuum a long and happy life. We just hope the novelty aspect doesn’t keep the prices where they are right now. High prices are typically a product’s death knell.

Convenience is by far the biggest reason why robot vacuums are here to stay. Human beings are lazy; it is the innate and instinctive way to live. If we can invent something to make our life easier, we’ll do it. Of course a robot that does your housework for you will strike a chord with the majority of people, and we think the ability to schedule regular cleanings will blend even more harmoniously with people's lifestyles. On-board programming is available with most robot vacuums, making it possible to schedule the machine to clean your home at the same time every day. The cleaning robot will clean until the job is done then return to its charging base and recharge for the next scheduled cleaning. No more pushing around a clunky upright vacuum. Program the robot vacuum to clean while you’re at work, school or asleep and you’ll return to find a fantastically clean floor.

Cleaning Power
Powerful suction and a strategic vacuum path means the robot vacuum will get your floor cleaner than you ever could with an upright vacuum. The vacuum will complete a back and forth pattern until it has reached every inch of your room before moving on to the next. Some robot vacuums even blow out the dust hiding between the wall edge and the carpet and clean it up.

To the men out there, buying a robot vacuum for your wife will score some major brownie points. Just make sure, however, that it isn’t for her birthday or your anniversary – that could backfire. Despite the potential conflict, adding a robot vacuum to your family will mean super clean floors without lifting a finger. Our favorite kind of work! 

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