The Rockwell Versacut is an effective mini-circular saw that you can use on the spot for quick cuts that require a little more finesse than larger circular saws can provide. This saw is capable of cutting through a variety of materials without issue, including wood, tile, plastic, flooring and sheet metal. The Versacut features a comfortable, portable design, a high level of power, and enough features to make it highly versatile for a number of projects.

With the right blade, this mini-circular saw is capable of cutting through the strongest materials, including hardwood, some metals, pipes and even ceramic tile. This versatility enables you to get the most out of this saw with any number of projects or tasks. The saw also allows you to adjust the depth at which you make a cut, with a maximum depth of 1 1/16 inches. Although this depth is not the most impressive in comparison to the other circular saws we reviewed, it is still effective for most tasks and projects.

This mini-circular saw uses 3 3/8-inch blades that are quite easy to replace when you need to cut a different material or the current blade becomes dull. The saw is capable of reaching 3,500 revolutions per minute, or rpm, which is fast enough to cut through different materials. However, this isn't nearly as fast as standard-sized saws, meaning it takes a little longer to cut through materials than it does with other top circular saws. The Rockwell Versacut includes a laser guide that projects a line in front of the blade and helps you make accurate and precise cuts every time.

The dust chute is highly effective when you make 90-degree cuts, as sawdust is guided away from the blade and work area so you don't lose sight of the cutting line. However, when you make cuts at different angles, such as 45-degree bevel cuts, the chute blows the material directly onto the sawblade, making it nearly impossible to see the blade or the cutting line. Fortunately, the Versacut comes with a vacuum adapter that you attach directly to the chute, so you can suck sawdust away while you are cutting. Although the vacuum adapter is rather helpful, using the tool to cut bevels is absolutely frustrating without it.

The saw comes with three blades, each for a different material, a rip fence guide, a vacuum adapter and a carrying case. These inclusions allow you to use the Versacut for a number of tasks, so you don't have to switch between tools for different projects.

The saw comes with a two-year warranty that protects you from manufacturer defects or poor craftsmanship of the product. If you misplace the manual that comes with the circular saw, you can go to Rockwell's website to find an online manual. If you need to reach customer support, you can contact the company via email or phone.

The Rockwell Versacut is one of the best mini-circular saws we reviewed because of its portability, convenience and cutting abilities. Although sawdust removal is an issue with this tool, the Versacut performs very well and can rip through most materials without issue.

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