The decision to install a hidden camera depends on several factors, including the location you d like to place under surveillance and whom you will be watching. Generally speaking, you should consider installing a hidden camera in your business or home if:

  • You ve been the victim of a burglary or other crime.
  • You haven't yet but fear you might be.
  • You re concerned about the safety of your children or elderly family members left with caretakers.
  • You want to keep an eye on contractors or other service providers who work in your home.
  • You want to be aware of who is on your property and when.

You can find a variety of hidden cameras on the market, including spy cams built into common household or business items and devices you install yourself in various rooms or at the perimeter of your building or home. Before purchasing any type of surveillance device, research the laws in your state. You should install a hidden camera only if you know you are not breaking any laws, especially in homes where an expectation of privacy is protected by law.

Once you know what your state says about installing hidden cameras, think about why you feel the need for 24-7 surveillance of your business or home. Using a spy cam to check on employees or family members without reasonable cause or their knowledge can lead to legal or familial problems. If you decide you should install a hidden camera, consider whether you should deal with a known or suspected problem first before resorting to the spy cam approach.

One good reason to install a hidden camera is to observe activity in and around your home, especially when it comes to your children or other family members who need care. If you have a nanny for the kids or a nurse for an elderly parent, hidden cameras show you how these family members are treated and cared for in your absence. You can gain peace of mind if you know that caretakers are behaving properly in your home, and if they re not, you can stop abusive or improper situations before they escalate.

Another good reason you should install a hidden camera is purely for security. You can place a hidden camera at either your home or business to monitor the front and back doors, windows, yards, garages and parking lots to keep watch on different entry points a burglar might use.

If you decide to use a hidden camera, the setup process should be relatively simple. You can purchase cameras that are built into a variety of items, including lamps, printing desktop calculators, digital phone systems, air purifiers, alarm clocks, wall clocks and even items as small as pens. Once you strategically place these items in the room you want to survey, you re ready to record any activity.

If you want to install a hidden camera outside your building, you can opt for spy webcams that give you internet connectivity. This means you can check your surveillance video from any PCs as long as you have internet access. You can buy hardwired or wireless webcams, but you should consider how you will use the unit before making a decision. Wired webcams require a cable connection, while more-expensive wireless webcams use a transmitter to send signals from the camera, so you can place them anywhere.

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