The rear-view camera industry is growing rapidly, and there are lots of quality products on the market. Here are the five best products that didn't make our top 10.

1. Rear View Safety RVS-770613

The RVS-770613 is a rugged, wired backup camera with exceptional performance. The camera mounts to your bumper and connects to the included 7-inch monitor via a video cable that runs under your car. This camera has a wide, 130-degree viewing angle and exceptional waterproofing. It's a high-quality system, but it's expensive and it requires professional installation.

2. Master Lock 4843 DATSEN

This is the best rear-view camera for you if you have a wiring outlet for towing. The camera plugs directly into the wiring outlet. The wireless transmitter is built into the camera, and it sends the video signal to the 3.5-inch monitor, which has a built in wireless receiver. It has a wireless range of 50 feet over the 2.4GHz analog frequency. The camera is magnetic, so installation is exceptionally simple.

3. TaoTronics CC01

This is an affordable rear-view camera with top-notch waterproofing and infrared night vision. The CC01 doesn't come with a monitor, so it's best to purchase this if your vehicle already has a built-in screen. The camera is attached to a metal bar that screws onto your license plate for a very unobtrusive look. This camera will require professional installation, however.


4. TaoTronics CC17

This reversing camera has the most unique design of any camera we reviewed. The camera is actually built into a rectangular license plate frame. The result is the least obtrusive form factor on the market. The camera has infrared night vision, and it will operate at temperatures well below freezing. It also has IPx7 waterproofing that will give you peace of mind about leaving the camera on your vehicle in all weather conditions. The CC17 does not come with a monitor, and professional installation is recommended.

5. Metra License Plate Back-Up Camera

This backup camera is an affordable, wired system that fits on a license plate. This camera doesn't come with a monitor, and so is best for vehicles that already have a built-in display screen. The camera screws onto the top of your license plate, and a wire runs underneath your vehicle from the camera to the display. The camera has parking-assist lines and a wide viewing angle. Professional installation is recommended.

A good rear-view camera system can help you avoid wrecks and possible tragedy because it lets you see what's directly in your path you as you reverse. Be sure to check out our top 10 list of the best backup cameras for more options.

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