Contact lenses have been around for decades, and the selection of brands and styles have evolved to fit almost every vision type. Some individuals are still quite skeptical about them. But whether it's style and simplicity or quality and convenience that people like about contact lenses, many people are shopping online to buy their contact lenses and experiencing a freedom some have yet to enjoy.

The best clarity and consistency are found in contact lenses. Eyeglasses are situated away from the eyes whereas contact lenses sit directly on the eyes. Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses do not move around, and the distance between contact and eye remains a constant as well as the clarity of your sight. Eyeglasses also have a tendency to get dirty and scratched, which also impairs your vision.

Along with the clarity and consistency of your vision, you will also notice how much more enhanced your peripheral vision is. Contact lenses cover your entire eye, and if your eyesight is pretty impaired eyeglasses will limit your peripheral vision because they only correct your vision through the lenses; they don't wrap around your whole face. This means that anything appearing in the periphery of your line of sight can be difficult to spot and even more difficult to recognize and focus on.

Probably one of the greatest benefits to wearing contact lenses is that there aren t any weather conditions that can affect or limit your ability to function. Rain and cold weather can cause eyeglasses to fog up or distort vision with the moisture. With contact lenses, you don t have to worry about your lenses fogging up or the moisture affecting your vision. When it s time for sunglasses, all you have to worry about is finding a pair that accommodates you and your look. Having to buy and carry around a pair of prescription sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun can be cumbersome and very frustrating. Contacts are in the eye and are basically the same protection against the elements as the eyes themselves.

Some people prefer wearing contact lenses for the aesthetic appeal of not having something on their face. Many individuals have memories of being picked on as a child and called names such as  four-eyes.  Others would rather not advertise they need corrective lenses to help them see better. And then there are others who choose to wear contact lenses to discreetly change their eye color.

Whatever the reason, the advancement in technology of the contact lens has grown incredibly. They are much safer and easier to wear. For more information on contact lenses and where you can research and review over 10 online companies, check out our reviews of contact lens sites. There are also several helpful Learning Center articles that will provide you with more information on contact lenses. Don t have an eye doctor? Check out our vision care review and find an optometrist in your area. 

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