Every parent wants to do right by their children, so it s only natural that you want to provide the ideal level of care for your kids when you re not present. Hiring a babysitter or nanny that you trust is one step, but what about covert surveillance? Using a nanny cam gives you visual information as to the type of care your kids are receiving, but it also has a few downsides that you might not be fully aware of. By exploring both the pros and cons to nanny cam usage, you can make the most educated decision as to whether or not it would be a valuable investment in your child s care. Below are several issues to consider as you make these decisions.

Quality of information: Knowing that you re getting the best information is definitely a pro when it comes to nanny cams. The truth is, you can only take someone s word when you trust them completely. If you have a new nanny or you haven t yet established a trustworthy relationship with your child s babysitter, a nanny cam might be in order to improve the quality of information you receive concerning your child s care. The proof is in the pudding, and since you get to actually view the quality of care your child is receiving, you can make the most educated decisions going forward.

Invasion of privacy: While investing in and using a nanny cam without your caregiver knowing is completely legal, it could cause problems should your nanny ever find out that you ve been secretly filming your child s care. While most surveillance systems are discreet, they aren t completely invisible. Your child could let it slip, the nanny could find the camera or you might even opt to tell the nanny about your camera, creating a rift between you as the employer and the nanny as the employee. Your nanny might view the actions as a total invasion of privacy and you could lose a great caregiver.

Set of eyes: Whether you re a working parent or you hire a babysitter for the occasional date night, a nanny cam acts as a set of eyes when you can t be around your child at all times. This is especially effective if you tell your babysitter that you have a camera in place. When your nanny knows that you re watching with an extra set of eyes, it could ensure that your child gets the best care possible, almost as if you were in the room as well. As long as your nanny understands that the camera should never be disabled, it s a way to keep tabs on the care your child receives when you re not home.

Nanny violations: Not only could a nanny see a camera as an invasion of privacy, but it could legally become an invasion of privacy if you place the nanny cam in an area of the home that should be kept private. For instance, you can t place a camera in the bathroom or in a bedroom where your nanny stays the night. These are legal violations and you could be prosecuted if your nanny discovers that you ve been secretly watching things that should be kept private and have little to do with your nanny s ability to care for your child.

Take pains to weigh the pros and cons of using a nanny cam before you make the investment. This helps you make a more educated decision to create the best care for your child and the best environment for your nanny.

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