Model airplanes can remind you about a lot of things. For the veteran, it may remind you about your countries  history or perhaps when you were a young man. For others, it may just be a hobby fulfilling your need to be entertained. Airplanes, models or real, can be quite entertaining, especially when they are the setting for a movie.

Airplane movies can capture your heart by bringing two of your favorite characters together. Or airplane movies can turn your worst nightmares into reality by combining the fear of flying with other horrible circumstances. Whatever the plot may be, films that involve airplanes lift your emotions and take you for an entertaining ride. Listed below are some airplane movies that range anywhere from classics to downright silly. But these movies are all must-see cinema.

This classic comedy from the 1980s is one that truly brought spoof movies into the mainstream film industry. The hilarious comedy takes place on an airplane where pilots have been poisoned by a bad on-flight meal. With everybody on the airplane in grave danger, Ted Striker, a war pilot with a drinking problem and inner demons, is everyone s last hope. With hilarious performances from the late-great Leslie Nielson, to ridiculously funny scenes with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (who is one of the pilots), you will not stop laughing from start to finish.

Top Gun
This movie has a little bit of everything you want out of a great movie. Action, love, drama, you name it. Maverick (Tom Cruise) and his partner, Goose, are a reckless pair of incredible pilots that get invited to Top Gun, a school reserved for the best fighter pilots in the world. At Top Gun, Maverick falls in love with his instructor, makes enemies quickly and flies his aircraft with reckless abandonment. This 1986 classic will keep you engaged mentally and emotionally from start to finish.

Air Force One
Harrison Ford stars in this action adventure as the president of the United States who is on Air Force One as the plane gets hijacked by Russian terrorists. But instead of giving in helplessly to the threats of the terrorists, the President fights to save the lives of his family and everyone else on the plane. This movie combines thrilling action and white knuckling suspense that will make you erupt with patriotism at the thrilling climax of the movie.

Con Air
Nicolas Cage (the greatest actor in the universe) is just one of the many stars that make up the cast of this action packed 1997 film. Cage is a decorated war vet who is finally on his way home to see his family after serving eight years in prison for accidentally killing a man during a drunken bar fight. He is boarded upon a plane with some of the deadliest criminals in the world. Like most movie criminals do, they find a way to beat the system and take over the plane. Cage s flight home to his family becomes a hellish joy ride that is about as entertaining as it gets.

Snakes on a Plane
The title of this movie says it all. It is a combination of many people s worst fears: being trapped on a plane, and snakes. Yes, the plot is a little ridiculous, and the movie itself has overall bad acting and even worse special effects, but Samuel L. Jackson is the perfect complement to such a bad movie with his over-the-top reactions and classic one-liners. This movie is one of the rare films that is so bad that it s entertaining.

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