Walkie Talkies versus the Cell Phone

Walkie Talkies versus the Cell Phone

Imagine this: it's a gorgeous winter day and you have been snowmobileing with your family all afternoon. However, it's getting close to being dark and you have lost track of one of your family members. You retrace your path, hoping to find them where you last remember seeing them. However, they are not there. You pull out your cell phone hoping to call them, but soon realize that you don't have cell service in the mountainous terrain. You are filled with anxiety as you begin to wonder what to do next. If you had walkie talkies you could locate your missing party in a snap.

Because walkie talkies (also known as handie talkies) are based on radio frequencies and not cell towers for service, they are more reliable than cell phones in certain situations. If you are in a mountainous area, cell phone service may be obstructed by the trees, whereas the short-range radio frequencies walkie talkies rely on are easier to transmit and recieve. However if you plan to use these devices while snowmobiling, ATV riding and anything that may keep you more than a few miles from your party, be sure you have chosen handie talkies with an extended range.

If you are planning to travel overseas, you may be interested in purchasing walkie talkies for the trip. It may be more economical for you to spend money these devices rather than using your roaming minutes from your cell phone. It's also possible that your cell phone provider may not even have service available in the country that you plan to visit. Why spend time trying to hunt down sight-seeing family members in a strange city when you could easily get a hold of them with a push of a button using walkie talkies?

If you are planning on taking the family on a luxurious cruise ship for a much needed vacation, handie talkies could also come in, well, handy. Many cruise lines do not allow the use of cell phones except in certain areas of the ship, such as staterooms. Also, many people also like to escape the chains of having their cell phones with them while enjoying the relaxation a vacation can offer. Walkie talkies can help you to keep in touch with your family, even if you are in different areas of the ship.

Caravanning on the road is another time when walkie talkies may work better than cell phones. Suppose you are the driver of the first vehicle and want to let the other driver know that you will be making a fuel stop. It would take more time to pull out your cell phone and dial the other driver's phone number than it would be to quickly push one button and let them know your plans. Less time having to look at the keypad for dialing means less time your eyes are away from the road, creating a safer journey.

While cell phones are great and have enhanced our lives in several ways, there are situations where they simply will not provide the instant communication you are looking for. In this case you may want to consider looking into a set of walkie talkies.

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