Sure, a nanny cam can make your life easier when it comes to the quality of your child s care, but choosing the wrong type of camera system could lead to frustration and confusion instead. Before you even hit the security supply or baby supply store, you should know the general features that you d like your nanny cam system to ultimately have. Whether you prefer real-time updates or a covert construction, narrowing down your top three most necessary features helps to pin down the type of system you need. This will make the purchasing process less painful and ensure that you have a system you can actually use with ease in your own home.

Price range. Setting an overall price range for your nanny cam system helps to narrow down your choices to only systems that you can afford. If you have less than $100 to spend, you probably don t need or want a system with multiple monitors and components. If you have a higher budget, you ll have more features to choose from. Discuss with your partner a price range that you re comfortable spending on a nanny cam system and don t budge from that budget. When you shop for a camera system, you can give your price range upfront to help the salesperson show you the most applicable features that will work for you and your budget.

Overall construction. When you go shopping for a nanny cam, you ll find that they have a wide range of price points and overall designs. That s because the systems go from super simple units to high-tech, complicated systems. Decide what you want in the overall construction of your nanny cam. For instance, do you want one that can be easily hidden among your child s toys or on a shelf, or would you rather an obvious unit so your nanny knows that you re watching? Do you need several units or are you planning on putting a nanny cam in just one central location. It helps to decide on a few features that you want and then see what cameras are available to fulfill your needs.

Playback options. Another thing you ll need to take into consideration are the playback options you have for actually viewing the nanny cam footage. For some, a simple videotape system that can be played in a machine is both cost effective and simple for users who don t have a lot of security camera experience. Other nanny cam systems allow you to watch the happenings in your home using real-time, online updates on a dedicated website. By deciding how and when you d like to review your nanny cam footage, you can make a few final decisions on the system you d like to use and which system you re most comfortable using based upon your tech-savvy.

When shopping for nanny cam systems, it s best to outline a few necessities that you d like in a system in order to choose the one that s right for you. Remember that the best nanny cam is one that you can use perfectly every time, otherwise all of your efforts could fall flat when you re unable to correctly use the camera or view the footage to keep an eye on your nanny and your child.

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