Where to Shop for a Nanny Cam

Charles R. Hooper
Where to Shop for a Nanny Cam

The desire to make sure the ones you love are well cared for requires a high level of trust in their caregivers. But suppose you aren't 100 percent sure about this person. How can you ensure they are providing good care without violating their trust? One solution is to use a covert surveillance camera. Of course, you then run the risk of absolutely shattering that person's trust if they discover the camera. However, you might decide that the certainty and peace of mind are worth that risk, or you could inform the sitter that surveillance cameras are being used in your home. Either way once you decide to record what goes on in your home, the next step is to find a camera.

The first step is to research nanny cams and become familiar with their design and features. Based on this research, you can make some decisions about what you would like to have and how much you can afford to spend. Some specialized vendors may sell very expensive systems loaded with features that you don't need. Fortunately most merchants also carry a more affordable line of cameras.

It's best to shop from a vendor who carries a good variety of nanny cams. With greater variety comes increased flexibility in finding what you need. These days, many people shop on the internet. Indeed, great savings can be found online. Vendors' sites often have a wide range of camera types, often grouped by features or price. Discount and auction sites like eBay and Amazon can not only save you a lot of money, but they often include reviews from customers that help finalize your buying decision. Traditional brick and mortar stores have online shopping sites too. For example, with Wal-Mart and Best Buy, you can shop online for cameras and pick what you like. You can then order it to come to your door, have it sent to your local store for pick-up or find out if the store is already carrying it.

When shopping, be sure to pay close attention to return policies. One advantage of shopping locally is being able to return or exchange an item with little hassle. Online merchants may or may not cover return shipping and might charge a re-stocking fee. Many online merchants provide free shipping and in some states you may not have to pay sales taxes.

Another helpful tool is to read professional reviews before you shop. We here at TopTenREVIEWS.com, along with other consumer advocacy sites, provide helpful reviews of those cameras you might be considering and can help you know where to find the camera. Finally, consider how you will be paying for your nanny cam. Let's say you've found one you really like but can only afford one that lacks many desired features. Some stores offer their own credit or payment plans, making it possible for you to buy the camera you would rather have and pay for it over time. Do keep in mind that although credit makes these kinds of purchases possible, you need to be careful because too much debt can become a serious problem.

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