Why Model Airplanes Make Great Gifts

Why Model Airplanes Make Great Gifts

Finding the perfect gift is on everyone s minds this time of year. We want to buy a gift that the recipient will enjoy   and won t return. You know, that gift that, when opened, makes the receiver s face light up with joy and anticipation. Well, we ve been combing the web for the best gift ideas, and we think we have the perfect solution for your gift-seeking woes: a model airplane kit. Regardless of whether your giftee is 10 or 110, a history buff or a collector of cars, a model airplane is a fantastic gift. A model airplane kit lets the receiver be creative, interactive and delve into the history of the plane as well. It is a win-win-win, guaranteed to score you major gift-giving points.

It s not every day someone receives a gift that they can physically create from the ground up. Building a model airplane is a hands-on project that requires the builder to glue, paint and connect the plane s different pieces. Decals are usually included with the airplane kit, but the builder has complete control over the color and look of the plane. They can choose to make it historically match the plane it was modeled after, or update it to another design. You ll find different planes to be more difficult than others, and each kit specifies a recommended skill level. Some model airplane kits are a snap-together design that still allows for "creating" the aircraft, just with less work.

Model airplanes are a great way to bond with your children or grandchildren. Offer to help the child with the plane and build it together. We can t tell you how many stories we ve heard of the fantastic one-on-one memories made while gluing and piecing together a model airplane. These are moments your children and grandchildren will always remember. You could also give a model airplane kit to siblings with the idea that they will work on them together. Nothing spurns good memories like a little sibling rivalry.

Every model airplane kit has a story   the model is based on an actual plane after all. Take for example the Revell P-40B Tiger Shark model aircraft kit. This model is an authentic, incredibly cool looking, 1/48 scale replica of the fighter planes the United States used in World War II. Revell and other model airplane manufacturers take painstaking care to ensure their replicas are as historically accurate as possible, down to the tiniest parts. They even include decals that match the original aircraft s design. As you piece together the plane, take note of it history and your finished product will mean that much more when you put it on display.

If you want a gift that will give the recipient hours of fun, a taste of history and an interactive outlet, a model airplane it the perfect solution. It also helps that model airplanes can be purchased in many different prices ranges and for skill levels   ideal for any age. 

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