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Avital 3300 Review

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PROS / This car alarm’s remote has a large, easy-to-read LCD screen.

CONS / The remote does not have a silent mode.

 VERDICT / We recommend this car alarm for its dependability and full feature set.

Our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner, the Avital 3300 car alarm, is manufactured by Directed Electronics, the same company that produces the Viper and Python models. The Avital model has fantastic features including keyless entry, starter kill and even remote start. However, unlike Viper car alarms, the Avital product does not have any options to integrate with a smartphone.

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There's a large variety of features and options included with Avital 3300 car alarms. The car security system covers everything from the basic keyless entry and alarm arming to the shock sensor that detects any movement to the car. Each door, window are protected and a six-siren alarm will sound when there is any disturbance to the vehicle. The shock sensors will prevent your car from being jacked up and having the tires stolen. It can also prevent someone from simply towing it away. No matter what happens to your vehicle, you’ll be in the know with Avital car alarms.

When there is an alert generated from your car alarm system, the remote will sound an alarm to notify you of any changes. The remote has a small LCD display screen that will show you exactly what part of your vehicle is being tampered with. After the alarm sounds, you can either rearm it or use the starter-kill function. This option will prevent the engine from running and your vehicle will remain safe until you can call the authorities. The remote is extremely helpful and detailed, but there are no silent or vibrate settings.

Avital 3300 car alarms also work as a remote starter. When the temperature is extremely hot or cold, having a remote starter can help your transition into your vehicle go much smoother. The engine will run for a predetermined time, or until you insert the key into the ignition. If someone attempts to put the car in gear without inserting the key, the car will immediately turn off. This feature is optional, but it's one of the most useful options available with a car security system.

Avital car alarms also have an assortment of other handy features. There are trunk release options, keyless door entry and a valet mode for the alarm. We loved all the useful features that come with this car alarm system.


Avital car alarms are produced and manufactured by an extremely dependable company, Directed Electronics. The features all work as advertized and you can count on the car alarm system to be a comprehensive vehicle security package.

Despite having great customer service options and detailed owner’s manuals, we suggest having your car alarm system professionally installed. There are so many vital and intricate details with the installation, the average vehicle owner will struggle to correctly install every feature. Most automotive shops and car audio stores can install the car alarms for a reasonable price.

Help & Support

Directed Electronics has all-inclusive customer service options on their website. There are email addresses, telephone numbers and sections of frequently asked questions. Each time we contacted the manufacturer, we received almost immediate responses with complete answers to all our questions relating to their product. Avital car alarms are also covered by a lifetime warranty.



The Avital 3300 is an outstanding car alarm system. All the car security options are covered including complete sensors, alarms and alerts. The remote even works as a remote starter, and the product is manufactured by the reliable company Directed Electronics.

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