Save for some minor aesthetic details, the Python 5706P model is identical to the Viper 5706V, which is the best car alarm with a remote start feature in our review. The major difference is smartphone integration with Viper's SmartStart app, which the Python lacks. Still, the two-way pager remote has a range of 1 mile, which is the longest on the market.

Python 5706P car alarms have all the features you should look for in an auto security system, including a six-stage alarm, warning alarm and a long-range remote. It also comes with keyless entry, remote start, truck release, and a panic and car finder button. It's a two-way system, which means when something happens to your car, you are notified even if you are out of earshot of the alarm.

The two-way remote means your car communicates with you, and you can communicate with it. Most car alarms are one-way – you can only arm or disarm the alarm with the remote fob. The Python’s two-way remote has an LCD screen that provides information about alerts. The messages are surprisingly detailed and useful. You can receive alerts when a door opens or the car moves, and the alarm always sounds when there is a development.

The Python 5706P car alarm has all the basic alarm functions. There are door sensors and a six-stage siren, and the remote arms the alarm and serves as a keyless entry. It also comes with a passive-alarm feature that provides a 30-second delay before the alarm arms.

Of course, its best feature is the remote-start system. With the simple push of a button, you can start the engine to warm or cool your car’s interior before you get in. No more shivering in the cold while you drive to work or burning your hands on the steering wheel in the summer. The remote has a temperature reading on the main display, and you can adjust it to find the setting most comfortable for you.

Once you enter the car, you must insert your key to start driving. You can’t even put the car into gear without doing so – the moment your foot touches the break, the engine dies. This protects against possible thefts, even if the car is locked and left running. In addition, the engine shuts off automatically if you don’t insert the key into the ignition after a set amount of time. This way, you can’t start your car and forget about it, leaving it to idle for hours.

These systems also have some advanced alarm features. Shock sensors alert you when the car moves even slightly, so a would-be thief can’t jack it up or tow it without setting off the alarm. The alarm also has a starter-kill feature that immediately keeps the car’s engine from turning on and can effectively block any potential thief.

The Python 5706P car alarm is reliable and comes with fantastic features, including a two-way control with remote start and keyless entry. The remote’s range is outstanding, and it is intuitive and simple to use. Also, the manufacturer, Directed Electronics, has a history of producing durable car alarms.

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