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Python 991 Review

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PROS / This car alarm has a remote start feature.

CONS / There are no phone-integration options.

 VERDICT / We recommend this car alarm for the fantastic and reliable features.

The Python 991 model is extremely similar to the Viper 5901, except the Viper car alarm has smartphone integration options. However, the Python car alarms stand out from the competition with terrific features, including a rechargeable remote, remote starting and all the necessary safety features and they earn our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

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Python 991 car alarms have all the features you could expect or want for your vehicle security and it's all wrapped up into an affordable, attractive package. It's a two-way system, which means when something is happening to your car, you will be notified. Whether someone has simply bumped your car door or there is someone trying to steal your truck, the Python 991 car alarm will notify you of any potential danger.

A two-way remote means that the car will communicate with you and you can communicate with it. For example, you will be able to arm the car security system with the remote, and when your car is broken into, the car will send a message to your remote. The messages are surprisingly detailed and useful. You’ll be able to see when a door is open or when the car has been moved; and the alarm will always sound when there is a development. One of the few features we didn’t like about this car alarm was that there is no silent or vibrate setting available.

Python 991 car alarms have all the basic alarm functions. There are door sensors and six different siren options that can sound if a door is opened. The remote can also serve as a keyless entry as well as arm the alarm. However, it’s all the extra features that we loved about the Python car alarms.

The Python car security system can also remotely start your vehicle. With the simple push of a button your car will start to warm up or cool down and help make it more pleasant to transition to a car that has been outside in the elements for hours. The remote has a temperature reading on the main display, and you can adjust the temperature to find the setting most comfortable for you. The engine will start with the remote, but until you insert the key, you will not be able to move the car. You won’t even be able to put the car into gear; the second you touch the break, the engine will die. This helps prevent against any possible thefts of the car, even if the car is locked and left running. The engine will also automatically turn off, unless you insert the key after a predetermined allotment of time. The factory preset is three minutes, but this can be easily and quickly changed.

These car alarms also have some advanced alarm features. There are shock sensors to alert you whenever the car is even moved slightly. The car cannot be jacked up or towed without you knowing about it. When the car is moved the auto alarm will sound and you can see the message displayed on your remote. You can quickly reset the vehicle alarm or utilize the starter-kill feature.

The starter-kill option will immediately stop the car’s engine from turning on and can effectively block any would-be thief. The alarm’s sensors will alert you to use the starter-kill option when there is a disturbance in the doors, hood, trunk, windows, tilt or shock sensors. Using Python car alarms, you’re almost sure to thwart any car theft and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your car is safe.

As we said earlier, Python alarms are extremely similar to Viper alarms. They are both manufactured by Directed Electronics. The only difference we saw was the shape of the two auto alarms and the smartphone integration the Viper models offer. Using the Viper 5901, you can turn your phone into a key and even remotely start your vehicle with your smartphone. If this option does not appeal to you, the Python model is a terrific choice.


Most of the features offered by Python car alarms perform flawlessly. However, the advertized range of this auto security system is approximately one mile, yet the actual effective range is slightly less. The remote will work through walls and you don't have to be within sight of the vehicle for it to function. The remote works perfectly and is extremely simple to use, especially considering all the options and features it offers.

The Python car alarm is manufactured by Directed Electronics, which has a large variety of car alarms in its lineup. Directed Electronics is one of the most trusted brands for vehicle security, and many repair and installation locations will be familiar with the setup. Although there are instructions that come with the vehicle alarm, we recommend having an auto repair or car audio location install the alarm. Because there are so many different and intricate features, it can be tremendously difficult to install car alarms.

Help & Support

Directed Electronics offers an array of customer support features including user manuals, email addresses and telephone support. We also found the section for frequently asked questions to be very helpful and comprehensive. Whatever question or problem you might encounter, you can rest assured the manufacturer will help you find the quickest, easiest solution.

Included with the purchase of a Python car alarm is a lifetime warranty. The car alarms also come with an extra remote that can be used as a replacement if the first is lost, or you can have two sets active for more than one driver. You can also purchase extra remotes from the manufacturer.


The Python 991 car alarm is reliable and comes with fantastic features including a remote start remote and keyless entry. The range is outstanding and using the remote is intuitive and simple. You can count on the manufacturer, Directed Electronics, to produce durable car alarms.

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