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The Viper 5706V is the best car alarm with a remote-start feature in our review because of its comprehensive security alerts, long-range remote and compatibility with Viper’s SmartStart line of products. With Spread Spectrum Technology, the two-way Responder LC3 remote has a 1-mile range and an LCD screen that shows easy-to-read priority alerts. If you’re looking for peace of mind, the Viper 5706V is the best option.

The Viper 5706V car alarm gives you exceptional control over monitoring with its Responder LC3 remote. The LC3 makes it very easy to respond to alerts since it tells you exactly what is happening to your car. For example, if the car’s door opens, the remote beeps and the screen reads “Door Open.” The remote also allows you to see the level of auto security you have activated.

This car alarm has comprehensive sensors for the doors, engine, windows and shocks. This means you receive alerts for broken windows, open doors, and a tilted or jacked body, which protects against towing and tire theft. The shock sensors go off when your car moves in any way, which means you may receive more false alerts than with other systems. That said, it’s easy to disable the alarm and reset it every time you receive a false alert, as long as you’re within range.

The Viper 5706V’s Responder LC3 remote is intuitive and recharges using any USB port. You never have to worry about buying new batteries, and the battery life is extremely long, lasting months before you need to recharge. The product also comes with a spare remote in case you accidently lose or break the first.

While not technically a security feature, remote start is one of the primary reasons to purchase the Viper 5706V. Using the remote, you can start your car minutes before you leave so the internal temperature can adjust to your liking. This is a fantastic convenience to have on exceptionally cold or hot days, as long as you don’t mind letting your car idle. You no longer have to get into a freezing cold car in the winter or a scorching hot car in the summer. The remote also serves as a keyless entry and a trunk opener.

One of the reasons the Viper 5706V is one of the best car alarms is it’s compatible with Viper SmartStart products. The SmartStart system module plugs into your car’s electrical wiring so you can control it with an app on your smartphone. The module connects to the internet with a cellular connection, which allows you to use your smartphone as a remote. The SmartStart GPS module adds tracking capability – if someone steals your car, you can track it down with the app. The one downside to SmartStart is the monthly subscription fee, which is required to connect to the cellular network.

The Viper 5706V car alarm provides comprehensive alerts and has a remote with a range up to 1 mile. The remote-start feature provides a level of convenience that other car alarms can’t match. When paired with the SmartStart modules, this auto security system can give you exceptional peace of mind.