Pros / This battery charger includes a work light for night jobs.

Cons / The warranty only lasts 90 days on this battery charger.

 Verdict / The Peak PKC0BK is a good option, but it's missing some essential features.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

All about power with its 450-amp battery and 900-amp jump starter, the Peak PKC0BK 450 Plus garners the number four ranking on our car battery charger lineup. This model also comes with a few features including an aim compressor/inflator unit and a work light.

This automatic battery charger is compatible with most 12-volt motorcycle, car and boat batteries that are not Automated Glass Mat (AGM), Deep cycle, or gel cell versions. It also includes a battery tester and low charge alert to monitor the charge percentage of whichever battery it’s connected to. Along with its jump-starting ability, the PKC0BK also recharges batteries in 12 to 24 hours depending on various factors, according to the owner’s manual.

Although the unit possesses some perks, it definitely lacks other essential features that would make it more dependable. For instance, 6-volt batteries are not compatible with this battery charger. It also lacks multiple charging rates, limiting the charge options available for any user. If you use the PKC0BK 450 Plus, you’ll need to be careful about charging smaller batteries that may be unable to handle the unit’s charge power.

As mentioned in the introduction, this car battery charger has a very convenient engine-start option for those times when you or someone else is in need of a jump-start. 900 amps of jump-starting power is plenty enough to get any vehicle going again.

This battery charger comes with a carrying case with a cable-storage unit on the side. With that said, the warranty that Peak Performances offers is a less-than-ideal time slot of 90 days. Compared to the one, two and five-year warranties found on other portable battery chargers, it’s hard to justify the 90-day warranty offered by this manufacturer..

Equipped with a very sturdy, built-in handle and designed with reasonable dimensions, the PKC0BK 450 Plus won’t be tough to carry around. This portable charger weighs in at a slightly heavy 16.4 pounds, stands about 13 inches in height, spans 13 inches in width and stretches 10 inches in length.

As you can tell from the front of the unit, this battery charger includes an easy-to-use display. Lighted indicators for charging, power and inverter status are available, and the unit employs on/off switches for the work light, inflator and engine-start option. What’s missing, though, is an automatic turn-off capability when a charge job is complete. You’ll have to check back periodically when the PKC0BK is in use to make sure it does not overcharge a battery or overheat itself. The unit also does not possess a cooling fan to cool itself off during a charge job.

This battery charger has some great safety features including a work light to make night jobs safer and a reverse-polarity indicator to ensure the proper connection of the unit’s jumper cables to a battery’s terminals. In addition to these two features, the cables and clamps are insulated and spark resistant.

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Again, if you’re looking for a battery charger based on its power, the Peak PKC0BK 450 Plus is a good option. Also, it interestingly includes certain features that can’t be found in other portable battery chargers. On the other hand, it lacks essential features that would increase its value and rating. The bottom line – this is not a battery charger that can do it all, but it does come with some nice perks.

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