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The Best Car Inverters of 2017

Power Electronics in Your Car

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The Best Car Inverters of 2017
Our Ranking Car Inverter Price
1 Whistler $22.88
2 Cobra $33.04
3 Wagan Tech $25.49
4 PowerBright $25.38
5 Duracell $39.99
6 Targus $8.99
7 Tripp Lite $25.05
8 Pyle $53.25
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Car Inverter Review

Why Car Power Inverters?

Picture this: You’re on a long road trip with the entire family; Johnny, Molly and Fido are in the back. The drive is boring and your kids are restless. You’ve tried everything to keep them well-behaved, but nothing seems to be working. Now imagine being able to provide a huge selection of different electronic devices, most of which you already own, for the entire cross-country road trip. You’ll be able to bring along your DVD collection and TV. You can play all your favorite video games and listen to nonstop music. All of this can happen because of a small device called a car power inverter.

The car power inverter is connected to your cigarette lighter on one end. On the other is a standard three-pronged outlet. Some of the best car power inverters have two AC outlets, including the Whistler power inverter. The type of device you power is limited by the power inverter. Most cars, trucks and SUVs will only support up to 150-watt auto power inverters. However, most standard household electronics can be used with the portable power inverters. Some of the other car inverters that are reliable and have a fantastic feature set are the Cobra and Wagan models. For more information, be sure to check out our articles on car power inverters.

Car Power Inverter: What to Look For

The range of power inverters can be overwhelming. There are varieties of voltages, sizes and feature sets. In the review process we compare car power inverters and compiled a list of the most useful and affordable units. We focus on power inverters that use about 150 continuous watts.

The variety of watt ranges available makes it confusing. However, most cars can only support up to 150 watts from the cigarette lighter. And because the inverters work at 90 percent capacity, we looked at products that range mainly from 150 watts to 200 watts. We also review all the other features that are offered by the power inverters. For example, how many outlets are on the power inverter? We also list and review the USB ports that can be used for charging or powering cell phones and other digital devices.

The safety features are some of the most important options available. Some will shut down the device if it draws too much power or gets too hot. These safety features will protect the car inverter and your car battery.

In this section we list and review temperature requirements and how simple it is to use the device. We take a look at how aesthetically pleasing the device is and how easy it is to store the inverter. We also list if the inverter has a fan. Some inverters have fans to help cool down the unit.

Help & Support

This section highlights the customer service options offered by the manufacturers. We test each option offered and review how quickly we received responses and how thorough the customer service team was in resolving our questions. We also list the warranty information.

Car power inverters are extremely useful in this digital age. The inverters can charge and power a variety of devices including laptops, TVs, music players, cameras and cell phones.