The Clarion NX405 is a double-din in-dash navigation system with a solid, modern design. Its interface is easy to use, and it’s compatible with Android and iOS phones. With preloaded maps, 11 million points of interest and excellent media compatibility, it can keep you entertained while you drive.

This GPS navigation unit has a 6-inch screen – the smallest n our comparison – and a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. With 728 variable colors to choose from, you can easily customize the interface’s background and buttons with your favorites. The interface itself features large, colorful buttons, and you can navigate between screens and other functions simply by swiping, or with the included remote.

The NX405 has an impressive 11 million points of interest built into its navigational capabilities, more than most other in-dash systems. It comes with preloaded maps of the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada, so you can get directions in those locations immediately. The navigation capacities are set to guide you turn-by-turn during your journey, and even guide you to into the optimal lane for each step.

The strong suit of the Clarion navigation system is its array of entertainment and multimedia playback features. You can play DVDs and CDs, stored video and audio files, streaming internet radio and even satellite radio. The built-in equalizer and high-pass/low-pass filters enhance your audio experience, and three sets of RCA outputs allow you to add in your own amps or audio system. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your Android, Windows or iOS device to make and receive phone calls, use some or all of your smartphone’s apps, and utilize voice dialing. Its two-zone entertainment capacity lets you listen to the radio while your kids watch a movie, keeping everyone happy.

Clarion offers technical support for its customers via telephone in addition to hosting a variety of informational resources about the system on its website. It also has a social media presence, which can be a good way to contact the manufacturer as well and get help for product-related questions.

The Clarion NX405 has a sleek modern build and allows for HDMI and dual USB input for advanced device integration. Though the navigation system lacks some navigation and smartphone connectivity features that other units in its price range have, its entertainment capacity makes it a good choice.

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