Pros / It had above-average range on the highway.

Cons / It doesn't have an over-speed alert.

 Verdict / The Radenso XP has good range, but the city performance and overall awareness improvement is disappointing for a GPS radar detector.

The Radenso XP is a mid-priced radar detector with midrange performance. Radenso claims that its known as one of the quietest radar detectors, which could be true. It made barely a peep in the city performance tests. While some drivers appreciate this silence, we found it too easy to ignore.

The XP received a B+ for range in the highway performance tests, which is what I expected from a detector at this price point – not elite, but very good nonetheless. For example, in the perpendicular test, which featured the radar gun pointed perpendicularly to the road, it had a range of 0.6 miles. Only the Escort Redline EX had a further range, reaching 0.7 miles. It was even longer than the Valentine One, which had a half mile range in that test. However, the Valentine One is similarly priced, but had a longer range in the other scenarios.

The city performance of the XP received a B mark. In these tests, I was looking for a good balance of radar detection and silence. With this detector, it got too quiet to receive a higher grade, due in part to the way the GPS mutes all alerts under a certain speed. This type of automatic muting is fine if you're only worried about getting caught speeding, but for my reviews, I was looking for awareness improvement. It's better to have a detector that makes you into a smarter, more aware driver than one that you only notice when you're on the highway driving 100 mph.

With a B- grade for ease of use, this detector is geared towards more experienced detectorists. It's not impossible for novices to use, but be prepared to consult the instruction guide. I appreciated the clearly labeled, which is more than I can say for the Radenso Pro M-Edition. However, the power button is also the menu button that provides access to the more advanced features. I accidentally turned off the detector a dozen or so times before I figured out the menu, and that was with the instructions.

In addition to muting alerts when you're driving below a specific speed, the XP's GPS also provides alerts to a database of known red light and speed camera locations. You can also lockout alerts when you know an alert is from a false source. However, the GPS doesn't include an auto-learn feature, which is when it automatically logs locations for every alert and starts to mute locations where there are multiple alerts.

The biggest disappointment with the GPS is the lack of an over-speed alert. The best radar detectors allow you to set a maximum speed and when you exceed this speed, you get a simple alert. It's the best way to avoid speeding tickets because it doesn't rely on detecting radar.

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The Radenso XP provided good range on the highway, though not elite. Still, it provides enough time to adjust your speed. The city performance, which uses GPS to mute alerts under a set speed, was a bit too quiet for my preferences, but some drivers prefer quiet detectors. It's unfortunate to have GPS and not include an over-speed alert.

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