Pros / Valentine One has an extremely long range with a strong signal.

Cons / The unit is limited in the number of features included.

 Verdict / This is a very good, reliable radar detector if you are willing to forgo extra options.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our lineup because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about radar detectors here.

The Valentine One radar detector offers a good feature set and unique design that will help you to keep you protected from different types of radar and laser guns. While it does not offer all of the bells and whistles we would like to see, it will do its job of keeping you protected.

Mike Valentine, the designer and engineer behind the Valentine One, knows a little bit about making radar detectors. At one time, he was Escort's chief engineer, but he broke off to start his own company because he believed he could build a better radar detector. Thus, the Valentine One was introduced to the world in 1992.

In its 20 year history, Valentine One radar detectors have not changed very much in design. The unit is rectangular and made from magnesium metal, which is strong and light and helps to prevent electrical interference from other devices. Most are made of durable plastic that weighs very little so they can be easily mounted on your windshield. This does not mean that the Valentine One is obsolete. Valentine Research goes to great lengths to constantly improve the unit's components to ensure that it remains a top performer.

The Valentine One radar detector stands out from the crowd by offering front and back protection. The product includes two radar detector antennas – one in the front and one in back. Most have a single antenna that points toward the front of the car to alert you to potential upcoming threats. The addition of a rear-facing antenna can alert you to threats coming up behind you.

One unique feature of the Valentine One is the large red arrows on the front indicate from which direction the radar signal is coming. In addition to the arrows, the unit includes what Valentine calls the bogey counter, which displays the number of simultaneous threats detected in the area. For example, if there is a speed trap ahead of you and a police car coming up behind you, the forward and back arrows are illuminated and the bogey counter displays the number two.

When it comes to detection range and accuracy, Valentine One radar detectors are among the best. The unit can detect lasers as well as the X, K and Ka bands. In addition, it can detect the Ku band that is used in a lot of European countries. One report we've seen indicates that the Valentine One can detect radar signals as far away as five miles. Unfortunately, that kind of detection power means that it also picks up a lot of false alerts.

The Valentine One radar detector includes a mute dial an auto-mute feature. The auto-mute feature alerts you at full volume when a radar signal is detected, then the volume automatically lowers before the sound gets too annoying. You can push the mute button if you get tired of hearing the alarm.

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Valentine One radar detectors are very well known among enthusiasts and those who like to play games of cat and mouse with law enforcement. The units have a good reputation of being accurate and reliable. However, the Valentine One is quite expensive when compared to other comparable radar detectors that offer more features. To make sure you are getting the right product for you, make sure you read our reviews of the best radar detectors.

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