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iBall Wireless Trailer Hitch Camera Review

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PROS / This camera is very easy to install and operate.

CONS / The boxy design looks odd on some cars and leaves it unprotected from theft.

 VERDICT / The iBall provides basic rear-view visibility for all vehicle types, but it is specifically designed to be a trailer hitch camera.

The iBall is a wireless backup camera that magnetically attaches to your trunk and sends video wirelessly to a 2.5-inch monitor that plugs into your cigarette lighter. This model is primarily designed to be a hitch camera, and so it has a few design peculiarities that distinguish it from other rear-view cameras.

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This reversing camera has one of the most watertight designs of any we reviewed. The camera is designed to be submersible because people often use hitch cameras like this to back boat trailers into the water.

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    184.11 Feet

Installation is simple. You attach the magnetic camera to your car's back panel. The camera transmits wirelessly to the monitor, which has a built-in receiver. This is the greatest strength of the iBall, as most wireless backup cameras require you to drill a small hole in the trunk to run a wire from the camera to the transmitter. Because the iBall's transmitter is a part of the camera, installation is a hassle-free experience.

The camera is powered by a 9-volt battery. You can turn the camera off by pushing the power button on the monitor. The iBall transmits using an analog 2.4GHz signal, which can be susceptible to interference from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices. Some of the best backup cameras use a digital signal, which is more resistant to interference.

The iBall does not have infrared night vision like many of its competitors do, so you'll have to rely on the limited light shed by your vehicle's reversing lights when you back up at night.

There are a few downsides to using a hitch camera as a rear-view camera. Because the camera is magnetic, there is a possibility of theft if you leave the camera on your vehicle all the time. Secondly, the box-shaped iBall protrudes from your bumper in an aesthetically awkward way. Third, the iBall has a 90-degree field of view, which is a bit narrower than a typical reversing camera. This angle provides sufficient coverage behind your vehicle, but you can't see much of a buffer area around a basic coverage zone.

Outdoor Insight, the company that makes the iBall, has excellent customer service. It offers both phone and email support, and the representatives are friendly and knowledgeable. The iBall comes with a 90-day warranty.


The iBall Wireless Trailer Hitch Camera's appeal lies in its simplicity. It is one of the easiest backup cameras to install, and its interface is quite simple. However, its narrow field of view, obtrusive design and unsecured attachment means that it's better suited for use as a hitch camera.

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