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General Tire Altimax Arctic Review

Altimax Arctic tires are versatile, meaning they can be installed on sedans, coupes, crossovers, minivans and light trucks. Additionally, with this set of General Tire's snow tires, you have the option of installing metal studs to the shoulder and treads to give you maximum control on snow-packed or extremely icy roads. Just remember that metal studs can damage roads, so many states limit the time in the year when you can use studded tires.

The tread is designed to remove water and snow from the tire, giving you better traction when the road is wet or slushy. Each of the tires includes a central stability rib to help them stay aligned on dry roads. Like other snow tires, the Altimax Arctic features sipes, thin cuts across the top of the tire that give the rubber a better grip on wet surfaces. These tires use 270-degree multi-angle sipes to get even more grip on the road, which helps you maintain control of your vehicle no matter how wet or dry the road is. This prevents your tires from slipping when you accelerate, brake or turn corners.

The biggest difference between snow tires and other tires is the rubber compound used to build the body. Most tires stiffen in cold weather, which lessens their grip on the road and makes them more difficult to control in slick weather. Altimax Arctic tires avoid this problem, as the rubber compound they are made of retains their flexibility and grip even in cold weather. General Tire uses a mixture of natural and silica rubber to provide flexibility for cold, wet road conditions.

As with all new snow tires, you have to purchase the Altimax Arctic in a set of four to give you the maximum vehicle control and safety. If you only install two snow tires on your vehicle, you are at risk of fishtailing and losing control of your car on slick roads. This tire manufacturer allows you to exchange all or any one of your tires within 45 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with them.