Like every all-season tire you'll come across, Pirelli's P4 Four Seasons combines a number of design elements to give you a reliable ride regardless of the weather. This all-season tire provides a smooth, comfortable driving experience, and it's designed to handle high mileage and only produce a low amount of noise.

The tire has a reinforced sidewall that helps extend the tread life, so you don't have to replace your tires all the time. It includes twin steel belts with spirally wrapped nylon, which makes the tire strong without sacrificing the smooth ride.

The tread has two continuous grooves along the center of the tire, as well as a number of angled grooves, to direct water away from the tire and give you more control on wet roads. This design helps prevent hydroplaning and sliding off the road. Additionally, the tire includes siping – small, thin cuts along the top of the tire that help the rubber grip wet surfaces, providing you with more traction on rainy roads.

Every all-season tire balances a number of different tread designs, so it's important to remember the Pirelli P4 is not specially dedicated to one task. For example, even though the tire gives you some good traction in wintry conditions, it will never perform as well in the snow and ice as a dedicated snow tire. However, it's versatile enough for roads in various weather conditions so that you don't have to change out your tires for different seasons.

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