Pros / The Centrix Q-Zone Lightweight blow dryer includes four accessories.

Cons / This blow dryer only offers a one-year warranty.

 Verdict / The Centrix Q-Zone Lightweight performs extremely well and is one of the quietest hair dryers we tested. It is especially worth considering for thin or fine hair.

The Centrix Q-Zone Lightweight blow dryer will help you quickly dry your hair. Plus, it features a quiet, lightweight design. This professional hair dryer includes four different attachments, three heat settings and 1,500 watts of power. It also includes ionic hair dryer technology, which is designed to help reduce frizz. These are just a few reasons it is the recipient of our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

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Our testers gave the Centrix Q-Zone Lightweight hair blow dryer the highest score out of all of the blow dryers we tested. It has three heat settings to help you find the perfect temperature for your hair. The air speed is neither too strong nor to low, making it a good fit for all hair types. While it is suited more for fine hair, our thick-haired testers stated that it was surprisingly effective given the lower heat and relatively low air flow compared to other models.

This Centrix hair dryer does have rather low wattage compared to some of the other models in our blow dryer reviews, but low wattage is not necessarily a bad thing. Lower wattage is usually better for thin and curly hair as it is less likely to damage it. Thick hair usually does better with higher wattage. However, the Centrix Q-Zone Lightweight has a decent temperature range and good air speed for both thick and thin hair. Its versatility for various hair types is one of the many reasons we have ranked it so highly.

The placement of the air speed and heating buttons is different from all of the other hair dryers in our review. Instead of being placed on the front or side of the handle, the buttons come out from the back of the handle. This might feel a little counterintuitive when using it for the first time, but our testers found that it was not a big problem for them.


Noise level can be a concern when you’re shopping for a hair dryer. The Centrix Q-Zone Lightweight is one of the quietest hair dryers that we tested. Our testers also noted that it produced a normal hum without any strange pitch problems.

It features a mix of heating technologies with its ceramic tourmaline ionic generator, so it will produce ions to reduce static electricity and frizz, as well as dry your hair relatively quickly and help keep your hair healthy. It also features a cool shot button, which should be used to finish your drying session when your hair is about 80 percent dry. Our testers stated that the cool shot button pressed in nicely and didn't put strain on their fingers or hands.

Weighing in at only 1 pound, it is one of the lightest hair dryers in our review. Not only is it lightweight, but our testers stated that it was well balanced and felt nice in their hands. The cord measures a respectable 8 feet in length. While it’s not the longest cord, it does give you enough that you will be able to use those difficult-to-reach outlets more easily.

It only features one color option to choose from, but our testers all spoke highly about its chic design. With the filter being placed at the top of the hair dryer instead of on the back of it, this unique-looking model stands out from the others. The filter is also removable so you can clean it out when necessary.


The Centrix Q-Zone hair dryer arrived in a very fashionable box that held and protected the hair dryer and various attachments. It comes with a diffuser and a concentrator, which are rather standard among the best hair dryers, as well as a straightening pick that attaches to the nozzle. It also comes with a very effective power booster – a cylinder that connects to the hair dryer and to your preferred attachment to help boost the amount of air that comes through it.

The diffuser worked really well for our curly-haired testers, while the concentrator and pick also scored well. Each of the accessories clicks securely into place and comes off with the right amount of pull so you will feel confident that the attachments won't come off while you dry. We did find that the power booster is a little more difficult to remove since it is hard to get a good grip on it.

Warranty & Support

The biggest shortcoming for the Centrix is its one-year warranty. This is a pretty average warranty in the industry, so it doesn’t stand out in any way. Plus, other top-end manufactures offer longer warranties. Should you need to contact a customer service representative, Centrix offers assistance via telephone and email.


With three heat settings, a good temperature range, ceramic tourmaline ionic heating technology and a relatively low air speed, this hair dryer is perfect for thin and curly hair, but it also works really well with thick hair. The design, low weight, relatively low noise level and balance of this hair dryer are impressive, and it comes with four useful attachments. With all of the positive aspects going for the Centrix Q-Zone Lightweight, it is the best hair dryer in our review for any hair type.

Centrix Q-Zone Lightweight 5517143 Visit Site

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