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Graphtec Craft ROBO Review

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PROS / This machine’s low weight makes it easy to carry.

CONS / The narrow cutting width may be a drawback for some.

 VERDICT / The lower overall power makes it hard to cut thick materials, but for a scrapbook enthusiast this will work fine.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Graphtec Craft ROBO

Graphtec’s Craft ROBO comes from a big family of industrial-level cutting plotters and scanners. This is the most petite member of the group, weighing in at less than 5 pounds, which makes it great for personal use. This die cutting machine has quite a bit less cutting force behind it than higher-ranked units, but it also costs quite a bit less and still cuts an impressive variety of materials.

Function & Capabilities

We debated reviewing both the Craft ROBO and Silhouette SD. They are, in most ways, the same die cutting machine, now manufactured by the same company. But since both are widely available and often competing for the same crafter’s dollar we thought it would be worth looking at them both on their own. The only very noticeable difference was in pricing. Craft ROBO seemed always to be less expensive. You really get a lot for your money too. This die cutting unit comes with many of the features we liked on more expensive units.

It can cut without a computer. That is a priceless feature. You can cut with your computer, another priceless feature. You can save your designs to SD cards, insert one in the Craft ROBO and cut away. This die cutting system comes with software that will help you create any design you can possibly imagine. Your only limitation in terms of design will be finding the time to do it.

You will also have a lot of control over things like blade depth, pressure and speed. You can instruct the machine to cut patterns along specified curves and other paths or to fit as many of your patterns as possible onto one page.

This die cutting machine is light because it really is tiny. The widest cutting path it can muster is 8 inches. That will be a major drawback for some folks. Most of the die cutting systems in our lineup cut at least 12 inches. It’s light but could still use some portability creature comforts like a carry handle and onboard tool storage.

Portability & Convenience

This die cutting unit will cut cardstock, acetate, sheet magnet, vellum and vinyl without much trouble. Most of these die cutting machines can cut more than they are specifically designed to cut, but you must consider the extra potential for wear and tear if you decide to cut more substantial materials with the Craft ROBO.


We were very impressed by how many tasks this die cutting machine can tackle. Beyond cutting, it can also draw, weld, pierce, engrave and emboss.

Help & Support

The Graphtec website does have some pretty good tutorials and a FAQs page. We wish the FAQs were searchable, though, and some of the answers needed more detail. Response over the phone was quick but not always helpful.


The Craft ROBO die cutting system is small and mighty in many ways. Its price and weight are both impressively small. It also boasts a mighty long list of capabilities beyond cutting, including drawing, piercing, engraving and embossing. This die cutting unit is a quality entry-level digital die cutting machine. If that is what you seek then look no further.

Graphtec Craft ROBO