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Pazzles Inspiration Vue Review

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PROS / Monthly payments for this die cutter give you access to an active online crafting community.

CONS / While there's plenty of information on the website, we never heard from customer support when we contacted them.

 VERDICT / For the novice crafter in need of ideas and sources, Pazzles' online presence provides tidbits of inspiration, while the Vue handles most of the projects you can think of yourself.

The Pazzles Inspiration Vue is a powerful die-cutting machine that can help you create vinyl wall art, scrapbook pages, rubber stamps, fabric shapes for home decor and more. This versatile machine earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award for its ability to cut, engrave, emboss, pierce and otherwise embellish a variety of crafting materials.

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  1. The cutting power of each machine.
    More is better
  2. 3 Pazzles Inspiration
    1000 grams of force
  3. 1250 grams of force
  4. 750 grams of force
  5. Category Average
    708.75 grams of force

Function & Capabilities

With the Vue you can design and cut completely cartridge-free. You will be able to import images from anywhere and transform them into cuttable designs. The machine also has print-and-cut capabilities, which means you can have your printer ink your design first, and then have your cutter cut it out precisely.

Four wheels help keep your material sturdy as it passes through the machine, and two clips on either side of the cutting bed keep everything aligned. Something that is different when comparing this unit to the Vue's predecessor, the Inspiration, is a pullout tray in the cutting bed that further helps keep all of the materials aligned on the mat.

One of the most unique things about this die cut machine is its pricing structure. You can buy it in one payment or monthly payments. Though it costs more, monthly payments act as a subscription to Pazzles' online community. This might be worth it if you value the social aspect of this hobby and prefer to spread out the cost of the machine. My Craft Room is a subscription-based site that gives you access to the Pazzles community, crafting classes, tutorials and cutting templates. When you buy a Pazzles Inspiration Vue you do not just get a new die-cutting machine – you join a crafting family. There is even a Pazzles crafting cruise.

Portability & Convenience

There is no handle, but the Vue is lightweight, especially considering how heavy-duty it is. Packing 1,000 grams of cutting force into something that weighs less than 12 pounds is impressive. There is also a spot for your tools in the machine.

Pazzles includes InVue and Inspiration Studio 2014, software designed for Pazzles die cutters. While this software application is useful, Make The Cut or Sure Cuts A Lot users may not want to learn new software. If this is the case, the Inspiration Vue may not be the right match for you. The software unlocks the many capabilities of the Vue – kiss cutting, cut by color, tracing, mirroring and more – but you first have to learn how to find them in a new environment.


The best die-cutting machines are more than just paper die cutters, they should be able to handle heavy materials, and the Inspiration Vue is no exception. This machine can handle heavy materials like chipboard and sheet magnet, thanks to 1,000 grams of force, but in our tests, it still had to fight through tough leather. You can also create lovely paper crafts and vinyl projects.

Crafting is fun when you can eat your projects. In addition to paper and standard materials, the Vue can even cut cookie dough, candy fondant, fruit leather and pie dough. That's a great bonus, because you won't have to buy a separate machine for food decoration. However, we recommend that you buy a food-safe cutting mat and a few other tools to outfit the machine for pastry projects.

Help & Support

The customer support Pazzles offers is decent overall. The website is organized and has easy-to-find tutorials and other help. A chat option gives you easy access to Pazzles professionals who can answer questions. You don't even have to pick up a phone. Forums and album pages offer a ton of inspiration so you never run out of die-cutting project ideas. As part of our testing, we emailed the company but never heard back from representatives though.


You may not be accustomed to Pazzles' software, but luckily, it is an easy program to use. With up to 1,000 grams of force, this unit can cut and emboss most material. You'll still have to be patient when cutting through tough materials like leather. While it is pricy, you can get this die-cutting machine for monthly payments and access to Pazzles' online community. At the end of your commitment, you will own a powerful, cartridge-free cutting machine.

Pazzles Inspiration Vue Visit Site