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Smileboxhas quickly become top digital scrapbooking software and continues to rise through the ranks. It has one of the most user-friendly interfaces, which is also entirely too complicated as it takes you through menu after slow loading menu. Whatever shortcomings might have could be as a result of it focusing on a number of different things besides scrapbooking. While it's a versatile utility that's capable of doing a number of different things, it doesn't excel in any particular area. We enjoyed the finished products it gave us and would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to create an engaging scrapbook. However, it needs to refine its scrapbooking efforts to become a true competitor in this category.

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The appeal and flexibility of Smilebox are hard to beat.  Any shortcomings it may have are eased with its bright and colorful interface and dynamic designs.  If you need additional ideas, you can download new designs from them whenever you want.  Being able to customize your projects a little more would be helpful, but it's already outstanding in the area of customization.  We found that what we created with this program was better than most of the programs on this list.  Unfortunately, the scope of what scrapbooks we could create was limited due to scrapbooking being only one part of the program's features.  Don't think you're not going to get a superb scrapbook from this program though.

Help & Support

Smilebox has a number of different options for selling your project and they include:

  • Emailing your project
  • Posting your project to Facebook, your blog or other sites on the internet
  • Printing your project at home or at a store
  • Saving your project to a digital photo frame
  • Burning your project to a DVD at home
  • Recording your project as a video


Smilebox is up-and-coming digital scrapbooking software that will soon overtake its competition.  While we liked what we created with this program, its loading times and lack of importing options tarnished its ranking in this category.  Improvement in both of these areas would go a long way.

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