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The Best Mac Scrapbooking Software of 2017

Scrapbooking With a Mac and a Mouse

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There are only a few Mac-specific scrapbooking programs. If you are looking for more variety or programs that are compatible with PC operating systems, check out our additional scrapbooking software reviews for more options.

The Best Mac Scrapbooking Software of 2017
Our Ranking Mac Scrapbooking
1 MyMemories Suite
2 iScrapbook
3 Memory Mixer
4 The Print Shop
5 Scrapbook Crafter
6 iCollage
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Mac Scrapbooking

Why Do I Want Mac Scrapbooking Software?

The top performers in our review are MyMemories Suite, the Gold Award winner; iScrapbook, the Silver Award winner; and Memory Mixer, the Bronze Award winner. Here’s more on choosing a product to meet your needs, along with detail on how we arrived at our ranking of four digital Mac scrapbooking software packages.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each method for preserving memories. Keeping photos in your phone or computer means everyone has to crowd around to view them. You can share photos on social media, but trends change and you may end up with a splintered collection on many different sites over the years. Creating an old-fashioned paper scrapbook takes a lot of time and tons of space on the dining room table. Also, most adhesives wear out over time and photos fade. Mac digital scrapbooking software can be a nice way to get the best of all methods. It also allows for a lot of creativity, and at the end you have a digital copy that will last forever, and can be printed as many times as you like.

Digital scrapbooking software for Mac helps you take a collection of your photos – from a trip, from a year, from a specific holiday – and edit them, arrange them and publish them in a share-worthy scrapbook. Photo book websites can help you do that too, but they don't allow as much customization. Photo book makers are better if you are short on time because you simply click and drag your photos into a template. Mac scrapbooking programs can facilitate that too, but they also allow you to get much more creative, if you choose.

With scrapbooking software you can edit photos extensively and change their shape and many other aspects before placing them in your layout. You will also be able to add different types of embellishments after the photos are in place, choosing from a vast array of frames, buttons, flowers, ribbons and other items to fully customize your pages. You can learn more in our articles on Mac scrapbooking software.

Finding the Best Scrapbooking Software for a Mac

All of the programs in our Mac digital scrapbooking software reviews can help you craft great pages. The best ones go beyond that by having not just templates and graphics but gorgeous templates and graphics, and a vast selection of both. The products that stand out go beyond letting you add text by also letting you warp and twist it, or add drop shadows if you like.

The best products also let you think outside of the scrapbook page, making it easy to add multimedia touches to your electronic pages, including links, videos and music. Our favorites also make all of that very easy to learn. There is an inherent learning curve with all software, but we expect these products to be much easier and faster than piecing together a scrapbook by hand or using a program like Photoshop. They should save you a few steps, both in learning how to use them and in assembling your pages once you do.

Mac Digital Scrapbooking: How We Tested, What We Found

We made multiple layouts with each of the software products in our lineup. Since we were evaluating the software and not the capabilities of the user, we noted quality and selection of graphics as we were scrapbooking more than the final outcome of our pages. We also had in-house design experts look at each program's templates to evaluate quality. While the user is the ultimate artist it helps to have stylish and attractive embellishments, frames and other templates within easy reach. They are the beginning of the best scrapbook layouts.

As we made test layouts and made observations, we assigned a percentage score to each program's editing tools. You should be able to trim, rotate, remove red eye, add filters and more within the scrapbooking program. Some of the fine tuning may still have to take place in separate photo editing software but it is nice to be able to do most editing in the same place you will make your layout.

We also made notes about how easy it is to learn the programs and to find the tools we were looking for at any stage in the process, and assigned a score to represent that experience. We noticed the type of customer support that is available with each product as well. This will be especially important early on as you get to know the scrapbooking software you ultimately choose.

The software you choose for scrapbooking should be easy to install. This varied even more than we expected – one program was easy to figure out how to install and took just three minutes. Another took 11 tries, and each try took about 30 minutes. It is acceptable to take a little more time than other types of programs – the nature of scrapbooking software is that it comes with lots of artwork and that takes time to download – but some competitors stood out for how long and how difficult the process was. Their percentage scores were lowered when that was the case.

Our Verdict and Recommendations

We were able to craft some nice pages with each of the products in our review. The idea of this software is that it simplifies some aspects of digital scrapbooking while still giving you a lot of creative control. It is a middle ground between handcrafting everything with a program like Photoshop and having everything made for you with a basic online photobooks website.

MyMemories Suite stood out for making digital scrapbooking easy but still allowing a lot of customization. This software is connected to a massive online marketplace packed with full kits and to give you a head start on your designs. The graphical interface is easy to get used to, and the installation process was a breeze. The only possible catch is the lack of easy sharing options for social media. There is a tool for sharing on Facebook but not much else. This software is not geared for any multimedia projects – don't expect to make slideshows or to add links, music or video.

iScrapbook is another great option, though it will seem very pared down next to MyMemories in most ways. The plain user interface makes it hard to find the tools you need, and the selection of templates was much smaller than MyMemories. The graphics that you do have access to are very impressive, though, and this software makes it easy to share your projects on social media.

Scrapbooking software gives you the freedom to express yourself in your scrapbooking while still getting it done pretty fast. Dragging and dropping photos and graphics into place is a fast and fun way to get the beauty of the paper scrapbooks that you used to craft with much less hassle.