Pros / Unlike other machines in this price range that have plastic parts, the Seville 4 has a durable metal chassis.

Cons / This basic sewing machine lacks stitch pattern variety, an automatic needle threader and a drop-in bobbin.

 Verdict / While the affordable bernette Seville 4 is a sturdy machine, the unit lags in features, capabilities and design in comparison to other sewing machines in our lineup.

The bernette Seville 4 is a simple sewing machine for beginners. With only eight stitch patterns and one buttonhole style, the machine’s capabilities limit the projects you can do. However, you can customize your stitches by lengthening or widening them, giving you some flexibility with your projects.

While this is a sewing machine for beginners, several of its features require sewing experience. You control the sewing machine’s tension manually by using a dial. Without prior knowledge about stitches, thread and fabric, this can be a difficult task. The machine also uses a four-step buttonhole operation, which requires you to manually prepare the button step by step and repeat it identically for each button you put on. The sewing machine also sews at 750 stitches per minute, without the capability to adjust the speed.

This machine includes several features that are meant to make common tasks easier, including the automatic bobbin winder, built-in thread cutter and twin needle capabilities. The twin needle helps you efficiently hem clothing in one quick step. However, the sewing machine does not include an automatic needle threader.

This mechanical sewing machine has a standard design with a sewing light, free arm, extension table and foot controller. The sewing machine does not have a start and stop button, which means you control the sewing machine only using the foot controller. Additionally, the machine lacks adjustable feed dogs. If you want to sew in any direction without restriction, you must use a darning plate.

Weighing only 13 pounds, the Seville 4 can serve as a portable sewing machine. While it does not come with a transportation case, its light weight makes it easy to tote around. The width of the throat is only 5.5 inches. For large projects and quilting, this machine will be difficult to use. The sewing machine has a standard bobbin holder, rather than a drop-in bobbin system. As such, it can be more difficult to load.

The sewing machine includes several accessories to adapt the machine to fit your sewing project. It comes with four presser feet with snap-on soles, including an all-purpose sole, zipper sole, button sewing sole and buttonhole sole. It also includes helpful tools you can use on your machine: a needle set, seam ripper, cleaning brush, dust cover, spool caps and screwdrivers.

This unit only comes with a five-year warranty on mechanical parts. The warranty is limited to the cost of the affected part, excluding labor charges. If you encounter difficulties with your machine, the website has a support email. However, it does not include a FAQs section, tutorial videos or a phone number for customer support.

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  • Number of Stitch Patterns
  • Stitches Per Minute
  • Buttonhole Styles
  • Included Presser Feet
  1. The stitch patterns that are programmed into the sewing machine by the manufacturer.
    More is Better.
  2. 10  bernette Seville
  3. 600.0
  4. 294.0
  5. 60.0
  6. Category Average


While the bernette Seville 4 includes a high-quality metal chassis and strong parts, it lacks several capabilities in comparison to other machines. Additionally, this sewing machine has a short warranty and a lack of support. If you are looking for a beginner sewing machine that will last, the bernette Seville 4 will suffice; however, its capabilities will limit you in some ways.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Support Options

5 Years


Sewing Light
Drop In Bobbin
LCD Display
Adjustable Feed Dogs
Start & Stop Button
Free Arm
Extension Table
Throat Size (inches)
Weight (pounds)
Length (inches)
Width (inches)
Height (inches)


Included Presser Feet
Needle Set
Seam Ripper
Spool Caps
Cleaning Brush
Transportation Case
Dust Cover

Sewing Capabilities

Stitch Patterns
Stitches Per Minute
Buttonhole Styles
Maximum Stitch Width (millimeters)
Maximum Stitch Length (millimeters)
Buttonhole Sewing
Tension Control
Thread Cutter
Automatic Needle Threader
Adjustable Speed
Automatic Bobbin Winder
Twin Needle Capability