Pros / An automatic needle threader makes one everyday sewing task easier.

Cons / This machine is relatively heavy and lacks a transportation case, so it is not a contender in terms of portability.

 Verdict / Its competitors offer more accessories and automatic features, but this machine is impressively speedy, if a little overpriced.

The Elna 2800 makes the list of our top sewing machines for its impressive speed, built-in thread cutter and one-step buttonhole capabilities, among other things. It lacks a few of the sophisticated extras that we value, including computerization, but all of the important features are there.

This is one of the best sewing machines for the impatient beginner. It has the highest rate of stitches per minute of all the sewing machines in our reviews. You don't get a whole lot of variety in stitch types, though. There are only 25 options with the Elna, and some machines in the same price range offer hundreds. The 25 is enough for most basic projects, though. Stitch widths and lengths are adjustable, giving you more flexibility in your designs.

This machine lacks an automatic bobbin winder, which can be a drawback for beginners, as it saves you some time and effort. There is no start and stop button either, which would be a nice option for those with knee pain or anyone who does not want to use the traditional foot pedal. It also lacks a digital display to clearly show your settings and machine errors.

Some things are automatic on this machine, but others are not. There is an automatic needle threader, but you are on your own for tension control – you have to use the dial to adjust it yourself – even though some similar machines adjust tension automatically. There is a built-in thread cutter on this Elna model, but not an automatic thread cutter. There is a one-step buttonhole feature, though, which is a nice time-saver.

This machine has most of the accessories we look for, including a respectable starter set of six presser feet. You also get a needle set, seam ripper, screwdrivers and a cleaning brush. This one does not have a dust cover or transportation case, though. Those can be helpful for protecting your investment and taking it on the road. If you'd prefer a machine that comes with a transportation case, you might be interested in the Brother CS6000i.

Elna is well respected among sewing machine brands, so it is somewhat surprising that the warranty on this machine is a short two years. Most of the models we compared offer longer coverage, at least on some parts.

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  • Number of Stitch Patterns
  • Stitches Per Minute
  • Buttonhole Styles
  • Included Presser Feet
  1. The stitch patterns that are programmed into the sewing machine by the manufacturer.
    More is Better.
  2. 7  Elna
  3. 600.0
  4. 294.0
  5. 60.0
  6. Category Average


The Elna 2800 is missing a few automatic features that would be nice for beginners, but there are some standout features. This machine makes the most stitches per minute of any we looked at, which can really save you time on big projects. The one-step buttonhole and automatic needle threader are nice too. The Elna 2800 is a little pricey for what it offers, but it might be worth the investment for its stitching speed alone.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Sewing Capabilities

Stitch Patterns
Stitches Per Minute
Buttonhole Styles
Maximum Stitch Width (millimeters)
Maximum Stitch Length (millimeters)
Buttonhole Sewing
Tension Control
Thread Cutter
Automatic Needle Threader
Adjustable Speed
Automatic Bobbin Winder
Twin Needle Capability


Sewing Light
Drop In Bobbin
LCD Display
Adjustable Feed Dogs
Start & Stop Button
Free Arm
Extension Table
Throat Size (inches)
Weight (pounds)
Length (inches)
Width (inches)
Height (inches)


Included Presser Feet
Needle Set
Seam Ripper
Spool Caps
Cleaning Brush
Transportation Case
Dust Cover

Support Options

2 Years