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The Best Oil Heaters of 2017

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Oil Heaters Review

Why Buy an Oil Heater?

When choosing a space heater for your home, an oil heater may be the most economical option. They don't consume a lot of electricity, and because they are filled with oil, they radiate heat long after you shut the unit off. Also, unlike electric models that pose a hazard to small children and pets, there is no exposed heating element. Adjustable thermostats control the temperature to help you maintain the right level of heat in your home. Some typical oil heaters include the Delonghi Dragon4 TRD40615E, the Optimus Mini Portable Oil Filled Radiator Heater H-6003 and the Honeywell HZ-717 Digital Oil Filled Radiator.

Oil Heaters: What to Look For

As you search for an oil heater, there are several factors you want to consider to find one that best suits your home or office, budget and lifestyle. One important factor is what kind of oil the heater uses since some types of oil are better for the environment. Whether your home is small or large, you need to know whether the heater will fit in the intended space and if it will provide the necessary heat for the size of the room. Additionally, general upkeep varies by model, so you need to know if there are any additional maintenance costs.

Type of Oil
Though some oil-filled radiator descriptions don't specify the type of oil, most use petroleum. Some models use diathermic oil or mineral oil. Diathermic oil is safer during operation and lets the pressure inside the heater remain low, even if the heat is turned up high. Mineral oil is a distilled version of petroleum and is not very biodegradable.

Size of Heater
The size of the heater is important to consider when determining which model fits best with the layout of your room. As far as height, different oil heaters range from 24 to 26 inches tall and vary from 6 to 10 inches wide. Size, though, does not always correspond to how much heat the machine can radiate.

Room Capacity
Some oil heaters state they can heat the entire living room, bedroom or office while others cite a specific amount of square footage they can reach, with some models heating up to 150 square feet.

Safety Features
Over the years, heaters have become much safer to use in your home. The majority of oil heaters offer overheating protection measures, so the unit or room does not become too hot, plus many devices now automatically shut off if tipped over. There are also some models that keep hot surface areas of the unit out of reach.

Your home is the biggest deciding factor when it comes to selecting an oil-filled heater. You need a heater that fits within the general layout of the room, but you also need one big enough to reach every corner during the colder months. Most importantly, it needs to be safe for your family. Look through the selection of heaters to choose the one that best suits your house.