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Honeywell HY-041W Review

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PROS / The Honeywell is an easy to use tower fan, with a clear and straightforward control panel and a class-leading five-year warranty.

CONS / Some find the breeze mode to be too loud for their liking.

 VERDICT / The Honeywell HY-041W offers an unrivaled blend of form, function and features.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Honeywell HY-041W

If the Honeywell name sounds familiar, do not be surprised. Honeywell supplies some of the largest airlines with avionics systems. If the world's leading airlines trust Honeywell to engineer their avionic systems, it stands to reason that consumers can trust Honeywell to produce a quality tower fan.

While many of the tower fans featured in our review do most things well, no other fan can touch the Honeywell HY-041W's combination of features, design and superior help and support.


Equipped with a three-speed motor, this oscillating tower fan possesses two different blowing patterns. Together, these patterns deliver fresh blasts of air capable of cooling you on the warmest of days. While the Honeywell is capable of cooling an entire living room, we recommend using it in conjunction with your air conditioner on extremely hot days. Utilizing this Honeywell fan will not only cool you off much quicker, but it will save you money on your electric bill.

The Honeywell HY-041W Air Filtering tower fan features a multiple breeze mode intended to simulate a gentle outdoor wind. The Breeze mode is activated by pressing the breeze mode button. Pushing the breeze mode once will activate the lowest breeze setting, and the selected breeze mode operates in accordance with the chosen speed setting. In other words, if your fan is set on high speed, the breeze mode will alternate between the high and medium speed settings. If it's running on medium speed, breeze mode will alternate between the medium and low setting. So does breeze mode actually live up to its claims of replicating a gentle outdoor wind? We cannot say that it accomplishes this feat exactly, but the breeze it does generate is pleasant. Still, this feature tends to feel a bit more like marketing hype than substance. Ironically, it is while in breeze mode that this tower fan it at its loudest. The fluctuation in noise levels while in breeze mode may be off-putting to some.

The Honeywell HY-041W includes an ionizer feature, which is supposed to freshen the air with negative ions. These negative ions are distributed into the room where they cling to dust, dander, cigarette smoke and other pollutants to form larger particles, which can then be captured by the unit's filter. These nasty pollutants can fall to the floor to be vacuumed up later. The result, in theory, is a more crisp and natural environment. Did we feel a noticeable change in our environment? Not necessarily, but even the thought of a fresher and less polluted living space brings smiles to our faces.

The programmable timer allows you to set the fan to shut off at intervals of two, four, six or eight hours, granting you the ability to maintain your desired comfort level for a set amount of time. Setting the timer to eight hours as you prepare for sleep will enable you to relax with a gentle breeze while being soothed by the sounds of the tower fan's white noise.

The included remote control is very convenient and user-friendly. Since it contains the same functions as the unit's control panel, the remote is very simple to operate. The remote is very intuitive and features a built in flashlight, making nighttime navigation easy. Not having to fumble around looking for the correct buttons in the dark is a welcomed relief.

While the Honeywell HY-041W is a bit loud, it is by no means as loud as many of its competitors. On all but the highest setting, it's possible to maintain a normal conversation over the noise of the fan. Although the highest setting made it somewhat difficult to engage in normal conversation at close range, it did not interfere with us watching television at a moderate volume level. As previously stated, some may find the breeze mode's fluctuation in noise levels to be a bit strong.


Honeywell HY-041W is backed by an industry-leading five-year warranty, which should instill plenty of peace of mind in potential buyers. The fact that Honeywell extends a five-year warranty indicates that they really stand by the quality of their products.

While the company's website does include a contact page, we found the FAQs section to be sparse, providing only cursory answers to only a few questions. We would have liked to see a much more thorough FAQs page, providing not only more detailed answers to the questions, but a broader range of questions as well. We find this to be a curious oversight given just how exceptional the rest of Honeywell's support and help is. We do applaud Honeywell's inclusion of a link to their stellar Customer Store Facebook page, which offers discounts, sweepstakes and product tips. The implementation of a Facebook page is a great resource if you are looking to broaden your knowledge of the Honeywell HY-041W tower fan.


The Honeywell name is synonymous with quality, and the Honeywell HY-041W tower fan unquestionably upholds this reputation. This tower fan epitomizes what a tower fan should be: easy to use, effective and dependable. While the user manual is clear and helpful, you may find referring to it regularly will be unnecessary.

While not perfect, the Honeywell HY-041W is an exceptional tower fan, offering a bevy of useful features, easy operation and an unbeatable five-year warranty. This unit provides a tremendous value for those looking for a superb and well-rounded tower fan. The Honeywell HY-041W is clearly head and shoulders above its competition.

Honeywell HY-041W