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    According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans throw away more than 34 million tons of food each year. That's more than 600 pounds of wasted food every year per American household. Purchasing a fridge with larger storage capacity, advanced temperature controls and better air circulation, can greatly reduce this number.

    Top Ten Reviews has just released their choices for the three best side-by-side refrigerators on the market, including the Samsung RSG309AARS, Kenmore Elite 4100 and the LG LSC27935ST. Top Ten Reviews compared the traditional top-freezer refrigerator style with the side-by-side refrigerator and found that even the best top-freezer refrigerator just can’t compare with a side-by-side refrigerator. With the freezer on the left and refrigerator on the right, this design provides the much-needed storage and in-door organization that will help families save space and money. 

    "The kitchen is the hub of the home and the refrigerator is the heart of the kitchen," says Lecia Monsen, Managing Editor of Top Ten Reviews. "After a much-needed high-tech makeover, the refrigerator can take on a variety of new tasks, from creating a grocery-shopping list to playing music for guests and storing images from recent vacations."

    Companies like Samsung, Kenmore and LG have also adapted their appliances to be more energy efficient in order to save consumers money.

    Here is a look at the top three side-by-side refrigerators recommended by Top Ten Reviews:

    Samsung RSG309AARS – Top Ten Reviews has awarded this Samsung model their Gold Award for best side-by-side refrigerator due to its sleek styling, massive 30 cubic feet of storage, 8-inch LCD, Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen and excellent energy-saving features, such as the LED light bulbs used in the fridge, which, according to Samsung, use 20 times less energy than the lights found in a traditional fridge.

    Kenmore Elite 4100 – Kenmore has designed this Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner to fit the needs of a modern family. The storage space is not as large as the No. 1 Samsung side-by-side, but what it lacks in space, the Elite 4100 makes up in style and organization. Every square inch of space inside this Kenmore side by side has been expertly designed, with clear storage bins and folding shelves.

    LG LSC27935ST – This LG model has everything any family needs to store their food. The Bronze Award winner features a space-saving ice maker, which provides more storage space. Unique to this side-by-side refrigerator, the water dispenser, located on the freezer door, is 12.6 inches tall, which is tall enough to comfortably accommodate a full-sized pitcher of water.

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    What Makes a Top-Notch Side-by-Side Refrigerator?

    Because the best side-by-side refrigerators boast an organized interior with plenty of cubic feet, consumers have a clear view of all the food inside the refrigerator and freezer, thus resulting in less waste and more money saved on monthly grocery bills. During their research and comparison of the best side-by-side refrigerators, Top Ten Reviews rated each fridge according to the following criteria:

    Appearance & Capacity – The days of olive green and mustard yellow appliances are thankfully in the past as stainless steel, glossy black and sparkling white now grace the updated styling of side-by-side refrigerators. Consumers can choose an appliance that will look great with their kitchen décor for years to come and provides enough space for an entire family.

    Storage & Features – To help families reduce food waste, side-by-side refrigerators have multiple shelves, door bins and crispers both in the fridge and freezer areas that make all food visible. Accompanied with an energy-saving door alarm and advanced cooling systems, new fridges will keep food fresher longer.

    Water & Ice Dispenser – Consumers enjoy cool, clean and refreshing water all year long with an in-door water and ice dispenser. A water filter replacement light turns on every few months when the filter should be replaced, so both water and ice continue to taste great.

    Energy & Warranty – The U.S. government has issued an EnergyGuide for many of the best energy efficient side-by-side refrigerators. The lower the estimated yearly energy use, the lower a household's yearly operating costs will be.

    Help & Support – Once the refrigerator is installed in a home, users need the resources to operate and maintain the fridge for optimal performance. Every side-by-side refrigerator should have a user manual, as well as telephone and email support.

    The best side-by-side refrigerators provide plenty of space and circulate air properly in order to reduce food waste. The energy-saving features and EnergyStar compliance save consumers money on electric bills all year long. The modern styling complements any home, and easy-to-use touchscreen controls make food storage simple.

    More product reviews can be found at Top Ten Reviews


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