The Frigidaire FGES3065PW comes in a dazzling white that can look cheery even in a softly lit kitchen in addition to giving you several options for cooking, baking, broiling and roasting. This slide-in range is also available in black or stainless steel with a black cooktop.

This electric slide-in range presents five burners on its stovetop. Two heat up six-inch areas, while another expands from six inches to nine and the fourth heats an area ranging from six to 12 inches. With the expandable burners, you can increase the size of the heating element to fit the pans you plan to use on those burners. The fifth burner is a warmer that prevents food you've already cooked from getting cold.

With the flexibility of these cooktop features, you can employ several different-sized pans at different heats to prepare meals for guests or hungry family members.

The oven is not gigantic, but still a reasonably good sized 4.6 cubic feet. With it, you get three oven racks and five rack positions, which is two less than the top-ranked slide-in ranges. However, five slots can still offer plenty of space to accommodate hams, turkeys, large baking dishes and other items that need sufficient space for baking or roasting.

You get a temperature probe, which is always a helpful tool in ensuring that meats are cooked to a safe temperature, an oven lock for safety and a hidden bake element under the oven's floor so cleaning is easy.

The auto shut-off function turns the oven off after six hours, which saves energy. Most slide-in ranges shut off automatically after a 12-hour period. However, if you want to keep on baking something in this slide-in stove, you can override the six-hour limit.

You also can keep foods warm for extended times if it is important to you and your family to comply with Jewish dietary laws. This kitchen appliance is STAR-K Certified, which means its Sabbath heating mode has been checked and approved by a U.S.-based agency that ensures that foods and restaurants worldwide abide by correct Jewish traditions.

Unfortunately, the lower drawer does not work as a warming drawer. However, the drawer on this Frigidaire is useful for storing extra cookware, lids and other kitchen tools so you have less clutter in your kitchen.

The Frigidaire FGES3065PW gives you five stovetop burners, a reasonably large oven, a Sabbath mode heating function and enough other features to keep a growing family and guests nicely fed and content.

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