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NewAir AW-210ED Review

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PROS / This is a dual-zone, dual-door thermoelectric wine cooler with a temperature range of 44 to 66 F. It is suitable for cooling up to 21 standard-size bottles of red or white wines.

CONS / It does not include a space for unusually shaped bottles and it is not intended for chilling sparkling wines (for those who enjoy sparkling wines around 40 to 42 F).

 VERDICT / Few wine coolers of this size feature two doors, one for each zone. If are looking for this type of design, you may want to consider the NewAir AW-210ED.

NewAir AW-210ED is one of the few wine fridges of this size that features one door for each cooling zone. Two doors help it more easily keep steady temperature in each zone. This wine cooler is suitable for chilling rosés and dark reds as well as all types of whites. Since the lowest temperature it can maintain is 44 degrees Fahrenheit, it may not be suitable for sparkling wines if you enjoy them at low temperatures.

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This wine refrigerator utilizes a thermoelectric cooling system. This type of cooling system is quiet, does not contain moving parts and does not use toxic components such as Freon. Many prefer this type of motor since they are quiet and more environmentally friendly than compressor units. But coolers of this type cannot reach temperatures in the low 40s for cooling sparkling wines. Each zone features its own set of digital controls and thermostat. It features six slide-out metal shelves and two stationary shelves. The unit has a back cabinet with a black door. The interior lights are blue LEDs, and lights are located in both zones.

  1. The lowest selectable temperature the wine cooler can reach.
  2. 4 NewAir AW-210ED
    44 Degrees Fahrenheit
  3. 41 Degrees Fahrenheit
  4. 40 Degrees Fahrenheit
  5. 46 Degrees Fahrenheit
  6. Category Average
    43.31 Degrees Fahrenheit

This wine cooler cools up to 21 standard-size bottles. The upper zone holds six standard-size bottles and the lower zone 15. The top zone is intended for white wines and can be set to hold a temperature between 44 and 66 F. The lower zone is designed for red wines and has a range of 54 to 66 F. Each zone features its own set of digital controls and thermostat.

This unit is designed to work in inside spaces with an ambient temperature of 50 to 80 F. Some report that thermoelectric-type units begin to struggle at higher temperatures. It might be best to plan a space for the unit that is kept at a consistent temperature in the low 70s range. Other considerations: It is rather narrow for its height, and it does not lock. For these two reasons, care should be taken to prevent small children from climbing on the unit or accessing the wine.


If you are looking for a dual-zone wine cooler with separate doors for each section, the NewAir AW-210ED may fit your requirements. It also runs quietly and has attractive LED lighting, making it unobtrusive yet attractive.

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