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Pros / The nice mix of features includes a sanitize cycle and Shrink Guard.

Cons / The lack of a steam feature may make this dryer a less attractive option for some.

 Verdict / Large capacity and an attractive design will serve many households well.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

If you are in the market for a great dryer that does not carry the inevitable price tag connected with steam, consider the Frigidaire FAQE7073KN. It may not have the steam cycles of our two top-ranked dryers – Whirlpool WED7400XW and Samsung DV410AEW/XAA – but we really liked the mix of features on this unit.


Not everyone wants or needs steam treatment from dryers. It is usually a pain to get it all set up, and you may be looking for something more basic depending on your household needs. You may be worried more about cleaning a large quantity of jeans and T-shirts than keeping that delicate blouse in perfect and pampered condition.

Nothing is quite like steam, but these Frigidaire dryers have plenty that will pamper. For example, the Shrink Guard is designed to lower initial drying temperatures to protect fabrics. The Extended Tumble feature will keep the wrinkles away by periodically tossing laundry through cool air after the cycle has ended until you can get to the laundry room and unload everything.

These clothes dryers also do not have quite the wide range in terms of cycle types, but we think there will be enough on the menu to please most consumers. A wide range of Auto Dry cycles are made possible by the moisture sensing bars at the back of the dryer drum that gauge dryness levels for loads of everything from towels and bedding to delicates. Timed Dry loads can be set to run for 15-90 minutes. If you are in too much of a hurry to think about which cycle is best or to wait very long for dry laundry, the Quick Cycle will come in handy. Select it and return in 25 minutes to a clean and dry load.

These dryers include a sanitize feature with an NSF-certified commitment to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria. That offers peace of mind, especially if you are upgrading only your dryer and your washer does not offer a sanitize option. You can remove any doubts about cleanliness at the end of the process instead of the beginning. Either way the NSF guarantees the clean.

Though not as massive as our top two dryers, this machine can handle the heavy loads too, with 7 cubic feet of capacity. That means fewer treks to the Laundromat, even for bedding and other heavy items.

Cycles & Design

With TimeWise technology your wash time can be equal to your dry time, so you spend less time babysitting the laundry. Set a wash cycle and a dry cycle and don’t come back until they are both done. These dryers will pace themselves to finish at the right time.

We love the dryers that save your last setting. These Frigidaire dryers do that. Many users run the same type of loads over and over. This feature lets you recall all previous selections with the push of one button. Other design creature comforts on these dryers include a drum light, reversible door and child lock.

A wide variety of attractive finishes will matter to some buyers and not to others. We like having the option of purchasing these dryers in black, silver, white or red. One of those colors is sure to make a lovely statement in any décor. Everything about these clothes dryers is pleasing to the eye. Their sleek design elements include easy-to-use controls, complete with an LED display to let you know how much time remains on each cycle.

Energy Efficiency

There is a nice selection of accessories available for these dryers, so you can configure your space any way you want. The rack means you can put dryer-unfriendly items like sweaters, stuffed toys and shoes in without worry. The pedestal stand will allow you to be more organized and get less of a workout during the laundry chore. Not all of these items are included with all base models, but we like when manufacturers make them available regardless. A matching tower would be nice for those who want to invest a bit more for total laundry nirvana, but there are other shelving options.

Help & Support

The Frigidaire customer service options are fairly good. They lack live chat, but that is not uncommon among manufacturers of dryers. Their FAQs page could be better. It seems a little short. We love how easy it is to access full manuals on the Frigidaire site. This cannot be said of all manufacturers. There is no reason all manuals should not be easy to find online. Their warranty is pretty standard – one year for parts and labor.


These dryers compare well to most other dryers based on a solid list of features and large capacity. While they lack a steam feature, not everyone wants or needs one. Frigidaire FAQE7073KN is a good option for those that don’t. With sleek styling and sanitize cycle, we think you will be pleased with this purchase for a long time to come.

Frigidaire FAQE7073KN Visit Site