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STIHL RMA 370 Review

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PROS / This electric mower is extremely light.

CONS / You have to buy the battery and charger separately.

 VERDICT / The STIHL RMA 370 is an excellent choice if you need a lightweight mower and don't mind the narrower cutting path.

The STIHL RMA 370 battery-powered lawn mower uses the company’s KombiSystem, which means you can use the rechargeable battery in several different STIHL tools in your garage. The battery is 36 volts and charges in just 30 minutes – the shortest recharge time in our review. This provides about 40 minutes of battery life, so it’s good for 1/4 acre of grass but not much more. Unfortunately, the battery doesn’t come with the lawn mower and must be purchased separately.

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This small electric lawn mower weighs only 30 pounds, which is extremely light. Many gas-powered lawn mowers weigh three times as much. The downside of its small design is you have to put in extra time and effort to cut your lawn. The RMA 370’s cutting path is just 14 inches wide, which is much narrower than other cordless electric lawn mowers we tested. A few inches may not seem like much, but it could mean a lot of extra work if you have a large yard. The bag is also small, so you should be prepared to empty it often.

  1. Higher voltage means stronger torque and a smoother cut.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 9 STIHL
    36 Volts
  3. 56 Volts
  4. 80 Volts
  5. 40 Volts
  6. Category Average
    50.40 Volts

The STIHL RMA 370 is very easy to push because of its light weight, but the handle is uncomfortable. The best electric mowers come with a cushioned grip, and this one doesn’t. The mower also doesn’t have self-propulsion, though it's hardly needed for such a light machine.

The mower is missing a few features that would improve its design. There isn’t a side discharge, so the mower carries the extra weight of the grass until the bag is emptied. In addition, the bag is made of hard plastic. This gives the mower an attractive modern look, but it makes emptying clippings difficult. You can simply push and prod heavy cloth bags to empty them, but this hard plastic bin requires some digging on your part.

The RMA 370 has a two-year warranty, and the company has a service center locator on its website in case you run in to any problems. The main page has a link to the manual, email support, and a list of accessories and tools that work with the mower. STIHL is the only manufacturer that doesn’t have a direct customer service phone line.


The STIHL RMA 370 is a small, lightweight electric lawn mower that’s perfect if you have a small patch of grass, but it is a bit too small for large yards. It’s easy to push, charges quickly and runs smoothly, though there are some problems with the overall design and lack of convenient features.

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