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Chemistry 60

As its name suggests, the Chemistry 60 kit gives you 60 experiments to perform using household chemicals that you provide so that your child can see how chemistry plays a part in our everyday lives. T


The CHEM C500 is the fourth in a series of chemistry sets produced by Thames & Kosmos. Each CHEM chemistry kit builds upon the teachings of the previous one, and as a student moves along, the info

Mind Blowing Science

Children as young as 4 will be delighted with what they can do with this chemistry set for kids. What they learn with the Mind Blowing Science kit could spark a lifelong interest in virtually anything

Elements of Science

The Elements of Science kit, manufactured by National Geographic, offers hands-on experiments that help youngsters understand a variety of broad concepts in not only chemistry, but physics and biology

CHEM C1000

Educational toymaker Thames & Kosmos prepared the CHEM C1000 as the third chemistry set in its CHEM series to serve as an intermediate chemistry kit between beginner and advanced kits. It includes

CHEM C2000

The CHEM C2000 is an excellent purchase for a child who is fascinated by science and reasonably advanced. This is the second chemistry set in a series from Thames & Kosmos firm, known for its qual

CHEM C3000

The CHEM C3000 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a first-rate chemistry set for a high school student. Unlike the chemistry kits that are lacking in necessary materials, this product prese

Discount Contact Lenses

Our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner, Discount Contact Lenses, offers the total package to consumers with its combination of low prices and broad selection of brands and lens types. This site ensures

Buying contact lenses online may seem like a daunting task, but makes this process simple and easy to follow. This online contacts provider has a large selection of contacts, every lens ty

1-800 Contacts

1-800 Contacts provides a convenient and simple shopping experience when you are looking for contact lenses online. This contact provider has a large selection of the best lenses, excellent customer s

With an extensive list of contact lenses from the best brands, such as Acuvue and SofLens, offers the largest selection of contact lenses we have seen. This online contact provider offers eve


Buying contact lenses online from Walgreens allows you to choose from the best and most popular contact lenses, though the company does not include an extensive number of brands. With decent shipping

AC Lens

Editor's Note: AC Lens has added a subscription service on all contact lenses. We will evaluate, rank and review this new information when we next update our Contact Lens reviews. AC Lens offers grea

Memory Mixer

Memory Mixer by Lasting Impression offers you the type of design quality that is worth paying for, and that cannot be said of all digital scrapbooking software. The latest version of Memory Mixer hous


iScrapbook, our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner, is one of the few scrapbooking software packages designed specifically for the Mac, and it is easily among the best Mac digital scrapbooking softwa

MyMemories Suite

Given the limited digital scrapbooking options for Mac software, MyMemories Suite truly stands out. It is one of the most functional, intuitive and versatile Mac digital scrapbooking software packages

Memory Mixer

With its feature-rich design and easy-to-use interface, Memory Mixer is our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner for Mac digital scrapbooking software. Leveraging the name recognition that Lasting Impr

Best Smart Lighting Controls

Turn your lights off and on whether you're in bed or on a vacation through the convenience of your smartphone.

Best Palm Routers

Palm routers give you the freedom to work on projects away from the workshop. Learn more about palm routers here.

Best Video Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are a great way to keep track of what is happening at your home when you aren't there. Our write-ups help explain all you need to know about these security devices.

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