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Although the AMSCOPE-KIDS M30 is the least expensive microscope we reviewed, it's certainly not the worst. In fact, it actually offers a lot of value for how much you spend. This scope does have a few

Levenhuk Rainbow 50L Plus

Among the 15 microscopes we reviewed, the Levenhuk Rainbow 50L Plus is the toughest. Its solid body, included accessories and decent optics make it a good choice, earning our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Aw

Levenhuk Rainbow 2L

The Levenhuk Rainbow 2L kids microscope is great for children and beginners. Kids will love the fact that you can order it in purple, blue, white, yellow or red. However, this children's microscope do

Best Beginner Astrophotography Telescopes Review

The best equipment for astrophotography captures what the eye can see and even some things the eye cannot see. The images you can create of space with a camera will amaze you. Selecting a telescope t


Carolina Biological Supply Company's economy human skeleton model is reasonably basic, but it features painted and labeled muscle origins and insertions. While the main joints are articulated, the spi

Bone Clones

This clinical-grade skeleton model from Bone Clones is exceptionally detailed and comes with a comprehensive osteological report. No numbering or color-coding means this piece isn't best-suited for lo

The World’s Most Dangerous Ants

There are more than 12,500 identified species of ants in the world today. Some ants are more calm, like Harvester Ants, who gather grain and seeds for its colony to survive. But with other ant species

Fascinating Facts About Ants

Those small insects that tend to break up your picnic are actually fascinating creatures. These insects may be small, but they are definitely not dull. It is estimated that there are more than 22,000

5 Bizarre Ants that Will Haunt You

At any one time, there are between one to 10 quadrillion ants in the world. Some of these ants are harmless. Others are downright scary. Here are five types of ants that may just give you the willies.

Scientific Explorer Ant Lab

Scientific Explorer Ant Labs are more than your traditional ant farms. These products are gel-filled, provide several accessories and feature a space-like design. These gel-station ant labs are design

Insect Lore

Insect Lore provides an ant hill a unique twist. The ant habitats available from this company are not designed as a box that you fill with gel or sand; instead, it is an ant hill, which gives more of


The company Fascinations provides a handful of ant farm options to choose from that are unique and different. Most of the ant habitats available from this company are filled with a gel that serves as

Uncle Milton

When it comes to making educational toys, Uncle Milton is an industry veteran known for the play and instructional value of its products, including its popular ant farms. These products range in size

Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO

The Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO is a decent first telescope. With no computerized components, this is a standard telescope that is easy to assemble. While there is a learning curve to using it, the telesc

Celestron Explorascope

The Celestron Explorascope 60AZ telescope is a simple telescope that lets beginners and children get a closer look at astronomical and terrestrial elements. This telescope for beginners does not have

Celestron Cometron

Designed specifically for viewing comets, the Celestron Cometron 114AZ is a reflector type of telescope. Its portability and ease of both assembly and use makes it a good telescope for beginners and f

Celestron SkyProdigy 130

One of the best ways to ease into astronomy is to use a smart telescope that positions itself. The Celestron SkyProdigy 130 is among the few affordable beginner smart scopes. In under three minutes, t

Celestron Omni

The Celestron Omni XLT AZ 102 is a non-digital refractor telescope for beginners. Though it lacks some modern features, it earned a 90 percent usability score in our tests for its smooth focus, easy t

Bachmann Thoroughbred

The Bachmann Thoroughbred is an HO-scaled model that features a locomotive, hopper, gondola and caboose. This electric train set comes with a 47-inch by 38-inch oval track. The track pieces snap toget

Celestron Portable LCD

The Celestron Portable LCD Digital Microscope is one of the few digital kids microscopes on our lineup. While digital models can be exciting additions to the realm of children’s microscopes, thi

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