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Tele Vue TV-60is Refractor Imaging/Visual Review

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PROS / Offers a lot of features that are great for versatility including six-point mounting, field flattener and portability.

CONS / Tele Vue’s website leaves a lot to be desired and their customer service is hard to reach.

 VERDICT / This apochromatic refractor is made for on-the-go fun and a good option for beginners.

Flexibility is key to the TV-60is by Tele Vue. This apochromatic refractor is made for on-the-go fun. Compared to other astrophotography beginner telescopes, the TV-60is offers a lot of features that are great for versatility. It is not our favorite telescope, mostly because there are others that will give you more perks for less money, but it’s got some solid features.

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Standout Features

  • Six-point mounting system
  • Field flattener
  • Portability

This telescope offers many features that lead to versatility. With a six-point mounting system you will be able to accommodate large pointing angles. The threaded field flattener takes the TV-60is from a quality-viewing instrument to a great astrophotography instrument. Take TV-60is out during the daytime and it will be awesome for terrestrial viewing as well. Generally, we like the Ritchey-Chretiens best for astrophotography but there are plenty of apochromatic refractor fans out there. Refractors like the TV-60is are most likely to cool down quickly (letting you take photos sooner) and they are least likely to need collimation, which is definitely a bonus for a new astrophotographer. This telescope also comes with Tele Vue’s Focusmate, an accessory mounted to the right side of the optical tube that makes extra-fine adjustments possible. Two optional items that most would consider invaluable are a digital micrometer, which measures to .0001 inch, and a 2-inch mirror diagonal for a visual field of 7.3 degrees.

The TV-60is has a reputation for fine focus and flexibility. Use the slow motion focuser to isolate the exact targeted image. With this telescope, expect to see a large sky area with the 4-degree-per-inch field of view at the focal plane. This telescope’s reputation also includes limited vignetting, which can cause an image’s corners to appear dark. This refractor has a pretty far reach. Sky & Telescope described it as a “cluster-buster” and a “real deep-sky beauty.”

This telescope comes with a nice padded carrying case and is ready for action. It weighs only 7 pounds and includes a dust cap. It will be a cinch to take this telescope on the road because it measures less than a foot long.

Tele Vue’s website leaves quite a bit to be desired. It seems a bit outdated overall and makes finding the answer to a question harder than it should be. Any immediate response from a customer service person is pretty hard to find. Even the customer service phone number is hard to find. Tele Vue may be assuming that their dealers will handle those types of concerns. They may, but having a chat option or a more obvious phone contact at the manufacturer’s level would sure be nice. It inspires confidence, establishing the company’s pride in their product.


Based on its price, optical quality and other features, the TV-60is by Tele Vue is pretty grand compared to other astrophotography beginner telescopes. This instrument will help you create wonderful photographs. We think beginners would have just as much fun and take great photos with less expensive instruments.

Tele Vue TV-60is Refractor Imaging/Visual Visit Site