This clinical-grade skeleton model from Bone Clones is exceptionally detailed and comes with a comprehensive osteological report. No numbering or color-coding means this piece isn't best-suited for lower-level educational settings and is better reserved for professionals and post-graduate study. The skull is a single piece, but a three-part cut skull can be substituted for an additional cost.

A model from Bone Clones' Maxwell Collection, this European female skeleton is extraordinarily detailed. The original skeleton came from the Maxwell Museum at the University of Mexico with extensive provenance documentation. This skeleton is complete, with all 206 bones, and 28 teeth, with only the four third molars missing.

While the foramina and condyles are present, you won't find any muscle attachments, nerve branches, veins and arteries, or other bodily systems depicted on this skeleton, as the primary purpose is accuracy and precise details.

This female skeleton is taken from the cast of an actual skeleton from the Maxwell Museum. The skeleton comes with a fairly extensive history. Records show she was a 41-year-old female of European descent, was 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighed 133 pounds at the time of her death. She died from heart failure as a result of a drug overdose.

The SCM-191-A is fully articulated: The joints, extremities and spine all have realistic range of motion. She's mounted on a rolling pelvic stand so she's easy to maneuver, and her weight is close to that of the original remains. The skull comes as a single piece, plus the mandible. If you want a calvarium-cut skull, you need to pay extra.

There's no numbering, labeling, or color-coding on this model, so it may not be the best model for pre-med students and below. However, the extreme detail and accuracy make this a smart option for higher education and professional use. Alongside the skeleton, which clearly shows the development of osteophytes on some of the thoracic and cervical vertebrae, you get known medical history, cause of death, and a comprehensive osteological evaluation. This particular model is recommended for studying morphological traits in middle-aged European humans as well as the female skeletal system.

Precise and accurate detail, a well-documented medical history, and a complete osteological evaluation make this female human skeleton model well-suited to health professionals and advanced medical studies.

Although it isn't well suited to earlier educational settings because it doesn't have numbered parts or a bone guide, this high-end model from Bone Clones, Inc. is fully articulated and portrays the human skeletal system after all the developmental processes have occurred but before degeneration sets in. You can also purchase this skeleton disarticulated, as a half skeleton or select specific single bones.

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